Question about stats

I’m currently lv98 with
Str 16
Dex 7
Con 25
Wis 25
Cha 25
Int 25

Is it possible to get all 25 without cursing stats?


Yes, 11 weak dex and 2 weak str then levels/accelerated elixirs. But you don’t want all of them 25. Just keep either str or dex at 18, that way you can curse that stat and add fluids to the rest of the stats to make them 31. Then once one stat is 31, curse the 18 again and make another stat 31. Keep doing that until you have 31 in all but one stat. Then make your -elixir to 0 by cursing. Then make stat 18 again, add 5 normal elixirs (to 23) add 2 stat points and 6 fluids and viola you have all 31 stats :slight_smile: