Random D/C and game freezing

OK. Since Monday, I have been experiencing random d/c’ing. It could be when venzing from one location to another. Or staying in one spot for a minute.

Also, since Monday, I have been experiencing the screen freezing; however the game is still going. I can hear everything and can actually move around, but can only see what looks like a screenshot of the game. If I click alt-tab and then click back in game, I am wherever I clicked before going to desktop.

I have been using Win10 for the last 5-7 months without issue, but again, this just started Monday. What the hell?

I have been experiencing the random DC’ing also. It seems to be more prevalent in certain areas (one of the walk ways in Silveria, in -shop heading from event shops toward house with chest, in SKT going from left of dwarf towards tele person). I have also been experiencing random freezes (seems to be random spots) where the game just crashes. It’s not quite like what you explained though. These events seem to have increased in the last 1-2 weeks.

The screen freezing with game still going just happened to me in Val’s lair.

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Same here I get random d/c in skt Sky land and -shop. Game d/c and crashes

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OK. Just wanted to make sure I am not crazy or something. Well, maybe I am still.

also if you die twice with beads on you stay dead for a bit. In approx 5 min you will dc from the game.