Really cool New weapon suggestion (killglance sword) or Sword of surprise

Remember the killglance ring on live that changed its stats periodically ? I was thinking a sword that did this would be an awesome addition, make it so that when it changes it would be the same as a random custom weapon available on server, anything from zaj toy blade to zaj blade to x grade weapons but make it NG this would allow players to experience what effects different weapons would have you can make it a soul weapon at all times that would gain in lvl so that whatever weapon it is emulating at the time it would do the same lvl damage as the real thing would.
What do you guys think ?

I use to love the killglance ring but on this server there are so few restarts that it would rarely change which means the possible weapons for it to emulate would have to be restricted or else those with say Zaj weapons would possibly QQ over everyone getting a free one for a large portion of time. With that in mind I’m all for it, variety is the spice of life after all.

you have to remember zaj has the ability to change things without restarts (some things) dont know if its possible with weapons but