Regarding epic boss

I understand you want epic boss to be killed not by a single player but a group of players.

Today Capwne, Ronald, Chinks , Arie and Trish all top players but we cant kill epic zaj and epic vala, the boss’s hp wont drop at all.

we tried both magic and melee and saw i did 1000 to 1500 dmg ish dmg per each swing or magic in -debug and there are 5 of us, so I don’t really know why we can’t kill epic boss.

I have no idea how Sparta is able to kill epic zajako and epic valakas so quickly , It would be really unfair if it s their exploited weapons.

This is a small population server i dont think you expect 20 people to kill epic boss. and most of the strong players are in sparta. it sucks if only sparta can do it.

i think sparta was able to kill it with 3 ppl. not too sure…

LOL you have no idea what you are talking about as usual we did it with teamwork and know how

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As you said yourself, “not too sure”. If you are not sure, dont speak. It doesnt help your case. Zaj has the tools to check how many it took for bosses. BTW, please use edit to add content. Zaj doesnt like double posts (back to back) by same person.


zajako, can you please check if the epic vala n epic zaj still have hp regen 4000 every 0.3 sec? base on the -debug damage data I think it is more like 7000 ish per 0.3 sec is that what you intended to do?

HAHAHAH FUNNY! Me, Skel, Walker, UMF, Slay and Paci can kill it no probem…so i would honestly think you,chinks,ronald,arie,trish and sohpia can as well. Just need to figure out how.


This is just plain qqing… The boss is killable, hell i’ve heard you guys killed it last night after this post… I’m moving this to FYAD where it belongs.

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Hahahh QQ a little more you weak ass bitches!

From this post…you can see how a haters they are. When they don’t use their brain to figure out a way to kill epic boss, then immediately they will jump into the conclusion that Sparta is exploiting shit!
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