Restart Window Upon Death

Hi Zajako,

Could you please have a look into relocating the “Restart” window that pops up when you die?

Currently when you die it pops up in the middle of the screen over your dead body & all the mops that killed you.

By the time you have moved it to see what is going on, you have already beaded again & the “Restart” window pops up again back in the middle again obscuring everything around you.

It would be a whole lot better if it could pop up off to one side. Or it stays to where ever we moved it last.

I know we used to be able to do this (or it previously popped up somewhere different).

It is just a pain at the moment when you cant see what is going on.

If you could please look at this for me/us that would be appreciated.

Of course i could try dying less, but where is the fun in that!



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I bump this. It becomes very inconvenient and would be great to move it to the side.