Returning member need advice

Last time I played was 2012 and I forgot almost everything about the server. I am looking for help in terms of where to hunt and how to farm better gear. Level 100 elf, S grade drac armor, A grade soulbow, [2012] event gear(amulet, bunny suit). I know I need to work towards fluid of the gods and getting 115 before turning reaper. Aside from that I’m clueless how to access the custom areas or where I should be going.

Is the Sacred Cross [S80] a good bow to get or is there a better one around the same price?

What’s the best arrows to make for farming purposes? Currently using silver arrows.

Mainly just trying to farm for a couple hours every day, would be interested in joining a pledge to help show me the ropes.

The areas you want to hunt are still probably the same as before you left. Skaro and Thebes.

As for armors a 2012 bk set isn’t bad to keep using for now. Most people on server use Zaj gears or X grade armors now though. And if not that then BK sets from 2012-2015.

Almost all s80 weapons (besides zaj named ones) are obsolete. People use X weapons or Evil Pumpkin swords.

There are 2 S grade bows, that are better then sacred cross. Pearl Bow and Onyx bow. They cost more then s80 but, but are worth it. And again, s80 weapons are nearly obsolete. People blow them up to craft items now.

As for X grade armors, good luck. It takes years to craft them now. Back in prob 2013 these cubics were introduced into the game and X grade crafting materials were obtained from them (1 per 24 hours) that lasted about 6 months and since then they have only given shots or pots etc. the gold cubics still give x mats but it’s usually the junk mats, not the rare and needed ones. You could always hunt the monsters that drop the crafting mats too, but honestly it’s not even worth your time. I’ve had plenty of experience at it and you’ll likely die of old age before you can craft 1 item. Right now the viable way to get any X grade armors is to win a donation event…woohoo…

X grade weapons are quite easy to make. Just takes a bit of time to get weapons to level up and blow up (that’s a crafting mat) and a GM bottle.

Having used bows most of my lineage life I would suggest NOT using them. Back in 2013 ish they got nerfed so they do like 30-40% less damage in cdk, which as you know is the most used morph. They do normal damage with no-cdk but since you’re just starting back up you’ll NEVER be out of cdk. I’m still crossing my fingers (not holding my breath) that bows will get reverted back to their full damage…I can only hope

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Thanks for all the information. Where exactly is skaro and thebes? It’s been a long time haha > <. Also do any mobs drop fluid of the gods or is it only craftable?

You will need skaro key to enter skaro, it was pretty cheap and ppl just throw them on ground. If you ask in game you should get one for free. Thebes is a temple that has a mobile entrance moving around 9 locations. type -cot in game to find the rough location, you will find the pink lightning thing floating in the air, stay close to it for couple seconds you will be teleported to Thebes.

Other than those places, you can also do dailies in Ivory tower 3rd flr(3 dailies), Thebes(2 dailies) and event dailies enabled by Zaj according to specific event. The dailies have good SXP and EXP, some of them also have very good drop. Upon completion of one daily, you have a chance to open one box from four spawn, it usually give you some clan exp and sp, but by chance you can get a dimensional box, which has chance to drop boss items.