Revised X Gear Crafting/Obtaining - Fear, Arch Wizard, Legend, Mother Tree

I know most people I’ve talked to have complained that these sets are practically impossible to get. I have a few suggestions on making the crafting easier and the mats easier to obtain.

My first suggestion would be having the fragments of the Legend, Fear, Mother Tree & Arch Wizard sets actually drop from mobs. Maybe have all the fragments drop from UG and once your T3 you start working towards these sets. They could also drop from Orcs / Thebes / FI. Orcs could have Mother Tree frags, Thebes have Wizard frags, ect. You could also do all of the above.

So if the main fragments drop from mobs, then we can use our tokens to help buy the other materials required. Using this method almost nothing is changed except you adding fragments as drops.

My alternate suggestion would be to get rid of all the X-Mats besides the fragments (but still having the frags drop from mobs) and implement the Zaj way of crafting, using Fluids / Ash or Tickets. So a Legend piece would require 20 pieces of Legend and maybe like 2-5 Ash / Fluids per set piece.

You could even use dragon scales or whatever in the place of the X-mats.

Another alternate suggestion would be just upping the tokens you get by a hell of a lot, because getting 50k+ tokens per set piece is nuts, especially considering how random getting tokens are. You could grind for a hour and get 500 or 10 and a poison flower.

I actually like the way the Zaj / Sky Boss / Dragon gear is set up and sure they are hard to obtain, but you know exactly what you need to do, where you need to go and about how long its going to take to do it. Its simple and hard.

Please consider revising the crafting method. I know several others and definitely myself would appreciate it.

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I agree that there are way too many mats for crafting the older X gear.

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Thank you for taking the time to type up your suggestions for changing the crafts for the Mid X Grade Sets. I have been considering how to change the crafting recipes for these for quite a while now. In fact my current focus list includes this. Here is a screenshot showing the section of my current focus list that applies to this:

The last item there covers this topic, but I have no problem sharing this whole section as I want people to know that I’m working on things to make the game easier for players struggling to catch up or learn the game.

Not all of these items may be actually done, as this list can get kind of brain-stormy, but the X grade crafting change I do plan on implementing very soon.

As for changing the drops to use something new, this would undo and discard a TON of work and also require a TON of cleanup. Instead I’m planning on lowering the required materials. It has taken a long time to make this decision because I’ve tried over the years to make the drops easier to get, however it seems this hasn’t worked as well as I expected.

Hopefully, this answers your question and helps ease your concerns a bit.

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Very nice & transparent. I’m excited to see this implemented along with the other changes :D.

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I have halved the required materials for these Base X Grade sets.

I have pushed the update for the requirements to the game server. It should not require a restart and should be live now. However, the text files for the npc will still say the old requirements until I push the new text files. I have them ready to push, however I’m waiting to do it with a series of other text file changes that should come within the next 24/48 hours.

Thanks for your patience and understanding to all of those who have wanted to craft these very difficult sets over the years.

It is nice to have halved the mats for crafting old x sets, its is solving the problem for Stable Metals but there is still almost no way to hunt for sacred lumbers and Bark from the Great Mother Tree. I still think it is nearly impossible to craft these sets.

Have you tried getting those from turning in quest items? each of the 3 ancients zones has a quest for trading in items to get these types of materials.

Seems like the npcin FI boat dont let me buy from him with ancient coins, it tells me that my inventory is maxed at 180 items, even if i have a lot of room in my inventory

I’ll look into this, that’s strange. Sorry for the long delay in reply, usually I get email notices from the boards, I didn’t see any.

EDIT: It looks like the problem is you need to have enough space for the number of items you are trying to get + the number of items in your inventory. Try doing one item at a time or clearing up more space by putting stuff in a pouch.

What about putting those drops back into the daily vit boxes? Long ago, those items dropped in the daily box and not just the one you get with GC. You mentioned you might reintroduce those drops.