Royal Reaper Broken?

Anyone else reaper up a royal anytime recently? I just did and it’s missing 3 levels of spells. Not even sure why it’d be 1-7. no class has that magic

You need to restart your client when you reaper.

the client thinks you’re a royal, which is evidenced by the royal skills icons on the left side.

I’ve tried restarting the entire client and just restarting my character. Switching accounts etc. Still thinks I’m a royal. I can learn magic levels 1-7 like a mage its just not showing past level 2 because level 3 won’t learn from Gereng and those spells don’t drop in game. But if I scroll down in the spell window I have higher level spells learned. Just not lvls 8-10.

We fixed this with a reaper-royal switch item, so i’m closing this topic