S80 Weapon Abilities?

I’m fairly new to this server and i’m curious what the different weapon procs do for S80 weapons? I wasn’t able to find a page anywhere on the website explaining procs above S grade weapons.

Are there any specific weapons or weapon types you had in mind?

No specific type, but as an example:
Staff of Eden lvl 10 - Magic Seal

I have no idea what “Magic Seal” would do. Certain ones like “Mana Steal” are more obvious what they do, but I have no idea on the others and was unable to find any info on them. Thanks for your reply Zaj.

Question. What does “Iron Maiden” and “Numb to All” do? Am referring to sword of executioner ( S/80 ).

I’d also like to know about the staff of Eden procs. Also, what about that reaper shield? No one seems to know…