s80 weapon damage + bonus and element damage

Searched through the forums and found some really interesting information, but most of it was over a year old. Would be nice to include all of this kind of information in the new guides you’re working on zaj ^^.

I’m wondering what the damage chart looks like for s80 weapons as you enchant them higher. I saw with X grade that it’s +3 from 1-3 then +6 from 4-20.

I’m also wondering how adding element damage(stones) on a weapon works. I read that for s80 it’s a 1:1 ratio, and that for X grade it’s a 1:5 ratio. With dark and holy being 25% more of the + damage(20 dark/holy adds 5 dmg?).

I’ve heard element on weapons does a base damage, Then does bonus damage if they are weak to it.
I’ve also read that it does the stated element damage, Then does bonus damage if they are weak to it. So i’m confused which way it works. If 10 fire does 10 damage or 10 fire damage before any bonus damage?

How does weakness to a element work? If I have 20 earth and the mob is weak to earth, how much more damage would I do? And would this bonus damage be considered earth damage or just normal damage?

I’m sure there is more questions that I can’t think of at the moment so feel free to add in any information related.

great questions I am interested to see what info zaj is able to give us

bump, really curious how elemental stones work with damage and weakness on monsters.