SamTook's Bug Reports

It’s a small thing, but the 5 Year Chip is a blank box in inventory.

When opening the Dwarf Storage and clicking the Equipment tab, no equipment items appear. Seems only All and Other (which includes some equipment) show items. The Training tab only showed me Skeleton Grail. The hover over of the Name and Amount sorting say ‘dummy2818’.

The Adena count at the top of the storage window does not match the adena in inventory bags. Same as with the bottom left stat toolbar. Adena doesn’t match there either.

Stairs from TOI 6f to 7f are not working. This is the safe floor w/o mops.

Coords for the TOI 6-7 Floor are 33817, 32866, 106 (putting it here for reference)

Adena bug is fixed, I can’t duplicate the problem with dwarf not showing equipment, all my equipment shows up there. Maybe the problem is, your equipment is all equipped?

I placed some of my gear that shows up in the equipment tab in my inventory into storage and when i select the equipment tab on the storage dwarf my equipment doesn’t show up either same as samtook reported

Ahh I see, it only doesn’t show equipment in the equipment tab on retrieving it. It does show it in equip tab when storing.

Equipment not showing up on the equipment tab is now fixed.

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Missing icon bugs fixed.

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I created a new character today, Royal, and the start area had no NPCs neither were there fighting dummies nor mops.