Sellers BEWARE!

For anyone that is considering doing trades with TOG, you might want to keep this in mind…

They take other pledges gear to get what they want.

…so…??? What exactly is your point?

Obviously your too slow to get it. Point is, he trades stolen gear. Gear that has a chance to be taken from you when the real HK comes back and gets pissed that its gone. But hey, you want to take the chance and you dont care that your new gear is hot, by all means, trade him.

id like to know how it is you think you know the arrangement between hk and him any time anyone starts getting to a point where they can defend themselves against sparta players i see you on global or on here crying about how there cheating or stealing or whatever STFU .

For one, I have spoken to HK when I was given those SS and they dont give permission for him to trade their gears away. Second, ROFL you sit there behind an alias and tell me to shut up? You dont even have the balls to use your own name on boards. Your pathetic. And if you dont like my posts, DONT READ THEM. Get over yourself TOG cock sucker. I dont care if people can stand up to Sparta, but do it legit where you can really be proud of doing so. Having to resort to tricks, stolen gear, borrowed/ stolen chars… thats just sad.

Lmao you guys are so easy to get rise from its ridiculous
i guess pacifica is your real name lol

If you consider that a rise, you obviously have not been on the server long enough to actually see one from me… so suuure. Give yourself a pat on the back for… making me laugh! LOL

if that really were the case w/ HK why wouldn’t they get online talk/email zaj and get it straightened out. then they could change their acct passwords so no one else could take their stuff. seems to me like they don’t care about their gear, maybe they all quit. i’d give my gears to people i know in game or access to my acct too if i quit for good.

HK is a pledge that is known to be seasonal players, meaning, they show up and play at random and normally around events (this is why Skeleton and other members of Sparta has dubbed them “HelloQuitty”). One of them actually did show up today and tried to get onto their accounts but was not able to due passwords where changed on a few of the accounts and pledge storage was raided. It is up to them to report the offense as it is their accounts.

This is so fuckin retard. Pacifica if you don’t know anything then just STFU. HK asked me to trade X gears for them becuz they were too busy to get on and do the trading. Falker got greedy and he wanted a lot stuff which I didn’t have so I told falker that I need to get items from HK.

By the way, I always laugh so hard everytime i hear your make up stories. You really think I get mad from all your bullshits?

ROFL. Thats funny, YOU where trading FOR HK??? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Then why where they mad that you where doing trades then? Not to mention, you where getting that fear piece for yourself. You claim Falker was greedy yet traded to UMF for less than what you offered because he knew the items UMF had where not stolen. I doubt HK asked you for any help back then. Your BS excuses dont match anything HK has ever said nor the fact they where pissed when they found out. And now you changed the password on some of their accounts, stole 3 full zaj sets and cleaned out their pledge storage. YOU are the greedy one. AND when asked BY HK for gear, you tell them you have none. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. You are a bad liar. Your stories always change.
And I know you get pissed from the things I say, thats why you keep excluding my chars from chat, YOU CANT STAND THE TRUTH!!! ROFL

What about the changed passwords? Where’s the explanation for that one? Waits

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Can you guys STFU and stop making BS now?

The reason i dont talk and defend myself much is that all of you sparta fucks are so retard.

there is no way to argue with retards.

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Yet being the key word in zaj’s statement

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LOL, just like Slay said “YET”. Come back and talk AFTER HK gets on. Not to mention, there are a LOT of logs to shift through. Reason you dont defend is cus you know we are right and you cant come up with a convincing enough lie that you will be able to stick to. LOL

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A wise man once said:

Please stop BSing, TOG. Thank you.

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skeleton - i’m ingrim… this dude says ‘supercris’ as name and that is someone cmc’s pledge… nways… why dont u post all our conversation… i started by tellin u that i worked hard to get all the items i have… i told u i payed 5k for the gm soul i have… then yes i did tell u was using ‘borowed boots glove’ and i never said they where stolen. i kept tellin u dude i dont know anything bout stolen items or anything i worked hard to get items i have and u have taken a few screenshots out of context…’ u where so crazy i thought u where high on meth… out of the blue u just start talking to me to get something out i dont lie only truth man…

i will tell u the boots and gloves borowed and the only reason why i told u that was to let u know all the items i have are mine. and even on my blog i wont show items like that off or even talk bout em and they not on my items list on my blog from the beggining… cept u just really want to take it out of context because u know i know and even OGs know that borowing shit to pvp pk is for punked as bitches man~!

when i said 'yes i’m using their items i ment i’m using items Cap let me use. is all dude… lolz its even funny how some of you ppl have mindframes ready to take screenshots of people to bomb with on boards. that is low dude thats like little kid shit to go tell on their parents… now that u have done this on boards i feel like should of took ss of ur retarted ass talkin smack to me like a goddam dope fiend… u where so high dude…