Selling various items

I have the following items for sale:

Osiris Belt
L1.5 TS
Haunting Guarder
Haunting Armor
Haunting Blade
Zajako Boots
Zajako Gloves
Zajako Helm
Zajako Shirt
Zajako Shield
Fragments of Creation
Pandora’s Boxes/keys
Various Fluids, Weaks, and Mids
Reaper Vials
S Grade Shots
Enchantment Scrolls

You can contact me in game to buy any of these items.

Voren, stop selling Korean’s gear. WE NEED IT!

why paci wont get any of those gear? not even zaj gears for her? lol LMAO at all the dick sucking she has done.

ROFL. Too funny, a worthless POS like you assumes I dont have Zaj gear and thinks I suck anyones dick at all. HAHAHAHAHAHA. The only ones sucking dick is any and all members in TOG. If it wasnt for Cap giving everyone gear, no char in that pledge would be anything. Love that you think being friends with Sparta in any way shape or form and being in Sparta means I suck dick. You are beyond retarded. Keep trying to guess my gear. Love how it bugs you all that you dont know. LOL