Seriously bolt?

You should be the last person QQing about exploits, you remember when you were able to cast through 800mr? Ya thats what I thought, STFU!

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Yeah, I remember you spamming rtele to chase me down with that +127 zaj blade? You know, the one you’ve been hunting with instead of your +11 zelin, the one you’ve been hunting with for over a year and a half while I was overpowered for about a week and a half? Ask UMF about that rtele exploit btw, or better yet, ask Zaj if I even have random teleportation on hotkey (he saw the video I sent him, so he can answer that question).

ya srsly

Damn bolt! Why r u so mad?

Btw its +12 zelin, I exploited that weapon too.

bitchass korean thinks that its only ok when he exploits. which he has been doing for last fucking month with ebind bug with that little cunt slay. Get over yourself bitchass

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R u mad capwne???

that’s that little capwne cocksucker hilk not cap

I like Korean’s stock replies, his brain must have overheated.

Can Sparta just STOP complaining about who’s playing who? No one gives a fuck. It’s the most annoying comments on this message board and server.

Regardless of who is playing a character doesn’t matter. They die or they kill you. Everyone makes fun of “Hilk” cuz he plays Capwne. But he still dies or kills with that toon.

I’ve never played a server where there is more bitching about acct sharing. Dep/Loa/EVERY PRIVATE SERVER that’s been up for more then 3 months. It’s just a really annoying argument. I’d even go so far to say that it’s the partial cause of server population decline.

Can we all just kill each other and not fuckin’ care about who’s on who.

Dont read the thread and turn chat off/exclude us. SO EASY!

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I don’t typically see bitching about account sharing, usually its making fun of people for not being able to play their own toons. Also this is FYAD, so asking people to stop complaining or shit talking is asking to be flamed :stuck_out_tongue:

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So in other words… GET OVER IT. No one makes you read posts. You see one in the FYAD category, chances are it was started by Sparta or ToG to bash each other. So dont bother wasting your time clicking and reading if you dont like seeing it. Move onto the topics you like or are interested in.

I agree with Allison. Soo much bitching going on all the time by a certain clan. we could all get along without it.

I think you all need to pull up your boots stop the wa wa and put your swords/staffs/bows and magic where you mouth is and play the damn game. Is Hilk annoying? YES, Does Hilk play another persons character? YES, However he has put ALOT of work into that character probably just as much as we do our own. Who gives a flying fuck who is on whos account… play the game fight and shut the fuck up.
All of you.