Server balance and adjustments

I want to preface this by saying that I love Linage, and I feel very grateful for everything James has done for us as a community. We wouldn’t be here without Zajako and his superior coding skills, attention to detail, and drive for making a great game.

That being said, I strongly feel that Lineage 1.5 needs a complete restructure, in regards to character balance. Instead of releasing new content, new items, new enchant scrolls, I feel a lot of attention needs to be spent on re-balancing the existing items, character stats, and monsters. I am not sure how to go about these things, but there is a large imbalance in this community and I feel the player base would grow significantly if there was a lot more focus on balance, instead of large amounts of damage, and big numbers.

Please don’t take this the wrong way, and consider my input… missing you all, and thank you,.

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I’ve been working on exactly that, for quite some time. The biggest problem with this, is that I have to make money at the same time. Neglecting the current players by letting the content go stale would result in me having no time to work on any of it at all.

To address your concerns specifically though, I’ve got a written out plan that has been started, but still has quite a bit of work remaining that will lead players from T1 new character to T6 max level with content for where they should be every step along the way.

This change is a complete redesign of all original lineage content on the mainland and talking island. Each major town will have hunting areas for different tier groups and level ranges.

Each Area will also provide ways to upgrade your gear to where it should be to move on to the next hunting area as well.

Thanks for your advice and input!

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May as well give my two cents. As a person who casually played and just enjoyed the game, I enjoyed new content to an extent, there are many unique and cool concepts. I understand maintaining something to do for donating and full time players but sometimes less or simple is beneficial, at this time, as a casual player, I returned to a slew of changes. There is so much going on and lack of direction. It seems like a chance that better population can’t grow in it’s state. There is a lack of population, lack of pvp, interaction. I log on, check out the auctions, start a maddening attempt to even coordinate what is even relevant anymore. Try to look for information and ultimately get tired of it, although I know there are great things about the server, getting started or caught up is a headache.

I completely agree, which is why I’ve greatly slowed down new content and items over the past few years.

I’ve also been working on ways to make player interactions easier and places to cause pvp in a fair and fun way.

Activity has greatly increased because of this.

As for the clear line of direction, I’m working on that, but it will require a quest system that works outside of the current client. Thus the new my l1.5 web client development