Severe lag and other issues

For the last few days the game has had lots of very long lag spikes up to 15 sec I would guess and I also have issues with the mouse pointer not going where I want it to when the lag occurs. I have restarted my computer and router multiple times and I do not have any of these issues unless playing this game (which at the moment is almost not playable) I also might add that I have ultra fast fiber optic internet and it is working fine. Don’t know what to do.

Zaj is restarting the server to fix these issues soon as he can

If your mouse is lagging its not your internet or the server. Mouse lag is purely on your pc. As far as other forms of lags or d/c’s I’ve been tweaking the server settings with each and every restart. Each one getting better and better. A lot of these issues came up when moving servers which has been a major difficulty as many bugs didn’t occur until the hardware changed. I’ve been trying to optimize everything and get it all working as smoothe as possible and I’m sure most agree it has greatly improved over the past couple of weeks.

With that said, the next restart will be in the next day or two and I should have some more optimizations in place then.

Thanks for your patience!