Shamrock Slots and Shamrock Shop!

What is it:
Shamrock Slots is the new event mini game where you can spin a slot machine to win Shamrock Tokens, a site-only currency used in the Shamrock Shop.

How to play:
You can spin the slot machine with either Shamrock Tokens or Gift Coins. To toggle which currency to use simply click on the currency icon (the shamrock token or gift coin icon) below the slot machine to the right of the character select chooser. Whichever currency it shows, it will take when you spin.

Spinning with gift coins will reward shamrock tokens upon winning any rewards. The odds of success for all prize sizes also increases when spinning with gift coins.

Spinning with shamrock tokens costs the shamrock tokens thus risking the very currency you can spend in the Shamrock Shop.

When you have selected your currency simply click the Spin button each round you want to play. You can increase your bet which also increases the payout by clicking the arrows to the left of the spin button.

What is it:
Shamrock Shop is an exciting new way to shop for items using the new site-only shamrock token currency. At any given time it displays 6 items available to buy for shamrock tokens.

Inventory System
The 6 items for sale are chosen completely at random from the total inventory of the shop. Each item has a maximum number that will be sold through the shop per event period. This is shown by the “10 Left” or “Remaining: 10” text in the shop. Once this inventory is exhausted it will not show up when the available items refresh. The items that are sold are an ever expanding list that grows each day that I get a chance to add more items. On release it was 60 items and within a few hours it doubled to 120 different types of items.

Ways to Refresh Inventory
There are 2 ways to refresh the inventory. First you can purchase an item that is available. This will immediately remove it from the available list and present another item to purchase. If the item you purchased still has inventory left it may appear for sale again at some point as well.
The other way the inventory refreshes is when the timer has been updated. The normal refresh period of time is 60 minutes (1 hour). Though sometimes there may be events to fast track the timer to make it more competitive to get the rare items.

Event Period
This Shamrock event will continue at least for a week, it may continue depending on demand and interest. Also the success of this mini game will present future mini games that may include adena slots, blackjack tables and possibly some other fun casino like mini games to utilize many of the in game currencies. So if all of this sounds good to you, show your support for it by investing some gc’s into the mini game and try to win big!