Shirt enchant rates/Shillen shirt effect

What can we expect to see in the future for enchant rate on event t-shirts? Also you had mentioned that the shilen shirt was supposed to do damage on the effect/proc from weapon, is this part of the fix that is happening with elemental stones or is it its own separate issue?


The enchant rate on event t-shirts has been increased and the penalty for enchant rates at higher values has been reduced as well making it much easier to enchant these.

The issue is with the element procs. Element procs seem to only do damage if the target has weakness to said element. I’m going to look into fixing this to apply element damage any time there isn’t enough defense against the element. This will make holy and dark procs very powerful in comparison to the rest as no monsters in the game currently have defense to these elements. Also its rare for people to have armor with these elements on it.

Does this mean that you do not “blow” the event shirts when enchanting over the +3 safe level? If so, what do you lose (i.e., enchantment lvl)? Asking because the drop rates for mat’s to make these seems to have decreased from last year. Either that or my luck for getting mats totally sucks this year.

Yes without a blessed enchant they still can blow up.

Is the enchant rate the same for s80 and x-shirts? Also, does the element stone effect mentioned only work with the schilen shirt or with all the x-shirts also?