/shop suggestion, /gcshop suggestion


Is it possible when you enter /shop and are looking to buy items from players that you can set a limit on how many you would like to buy?


Is it possible to add a /gcshop command so that you can buy and or sell items using gc in a shop mode?


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there is a limit to how many you can set to “buy” from people when you are in /shop mode.

After you enter the price of what you are trying to “buy” it will ask you “how many” depending on how much adena you have determines the amount you can buy. i think there is also a limit of 250 or 400 of a specific item you can “buy” while in /shop mode

Yeah I though that too but it’s not happenning for me.


type /shop
In shop window drag blood of odin into buy section
Prompt comes up price per item
I type in 15m then press enter
And no other prompt comes up.

am i doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance

If you try to buy something for more than 9,999,999, you can only buy one of it.

ahh that explains it ty