Skaro Caves Part 2!

Would be possible to make Giran Caves / TI Caves (which aren’t used) into the same mops as Skaro? A little more breathing room for all the grinders :smiley:

Not sure how time consuming it is to code the mops into different zones. Seems like a copy + paste to me haha :wink:

Ahem. Giran Caves are used. Why? To hunt death knight, to get n-zels, to get spellbooks, to let newbies ( under level 51 ) level. There is also a boss ( albeit a fairly insignificant one ) on 4th. And there is the Caspar group on 4th. How about eliminating the glacial and inferno zones? They are are not used hardly ever. Not all players are tier 2 or 3 or 4 or 5.

Gludio caves contain the DK not Giran.

As Brumaal mentioned you have the wrong caves in mind. However, Giran Caves I guess don’t even exist in the newer Lineage Client. So maybe that won’t work.

My error. I read the comment too quickly. Death Knight is found in Gludio Caves, not the caves of Giran. I stand my the contents of my last three sentences. The Talking Island Caves should be made into a hunting zone for mid level players (i.e. levels 51 through 71).