Sky castle buff and forum bugging out

Lately i’v been getting negative sky castle buffs. -25 all stats, -25% dmg etc, I go afk and come back and find it like this, i’m thinking once the sky castle buffs wear off it takes off too much. Or maybe it has something to do with having sky castle buffs and logging out then when it “wears” off after coming back online for a bit it takes off too much?

A lot of forum posts I keep getting this

“Sorry, we couldn’t load that topic, possibly due to a connection problem. Please try again. If the problem persists, let us know.”

I have not tried clearing my history or anything yet, just curious if this is on my end or not.

Also check dim dolls to make sure they work properly ^^ :smile:

EDIT: Now sky castle buff took off too much of my stat that was over 127 with the buff, it took off the 25 from 127 minus what I had. 121 dex before buff, 102 dex after buff.