Sky Castle questions

Hi all!

I have couple questions about the Sky Castle in game.

I tried to find information from the site and forum, however, I didn’t find much about it.

Is there info about how to get to the Sky Castle? Is it like a Daily quest that player can go once a day? one hour a day?

What tiers, level, and DR are suggested in order to hunt there?
I read a post that saying people sometimes use bow to hunt one at a time. I assumed it was because the mop was too strong in the Sky Castle, but the post was more than a year ago. Was this still the case in the current days?

Thank you guys for the help :slight_smile:

You can buy the tele scroll at shop in -warp 2 (1.27M adena). The scroll also drops from mobs in Sky Castle.You have 1 hr per day but it can be extended with zone time boosters. Sky castle is set up so that just about anybody can hunt there with several zones and each getting more difficult with the most difficult, inside the castle,at the center of the map. The zone you tele in to, upper left (yellow mobs), is pretty easy. In order of difficulty, the next level zone (blue) is to the upper right of and just to the right of the castle, the purple zone is below the blue zone to right of the castle. The green zone is just outside the outer castle walls and in the castle courtyard. The red zone is inside the castle. If you go, plan to spend most, if not all, of your time limit. That way you should get enough tele scrolls to keep it going. Yellow and blue mobs are not aggressive, except for the archers which will attack you if you attack another mob. All other mobs are aggressive. Try it out. GL

This is Awesome info!

Thank you for the explanation!

I am going to try it out tonight!

Thanks again!

I just hunt at Sky Castle last night. It was perfect for T1 characters.

I should have gone to there when I was at lower levels lol…

Thanks again!