Sky Garden updates

While all the drop changes and such look cool for Sky Garden, unless the Sky Castle is taken, taking time available for Sky Garden, it’s kind of meaningless. Having Sky Garden access totally dependent upon Sky Castle ownership doesn’t really follow the gameplay currently, so I doubt it will be as heavily hunted which is a shame.


Well during the time that I planned this zone’s design, 300 had sky castle taken nearly 24/7. They stopped taking it because they are unhappy with the zaj boss bug of always dropping a zaj bag being fixed.

You’d think with this new zone it would be motivation enough to take sky castle, but I guess not.

Yah, I can’t solo Epic or Leg Zaj as part of the event spawn, no way I can do it in Sky Castle. I’d figure with the stuff I have, I could do one of those two, but can’t get the DPS since they move up close, so can’t maximize dmg/crit.


Yah Sam, with bag drop bug being fixed its just like meh why hunt it because if 300 isn’t taking castle and us supreme mems gone to help a fellow texas residence theres no point. the strong players who won donation event doesn’t even care for new hunting zone lol… Maybe zaj can make it to be 100% available without castle being taken, or have him make it to where must go through garden to get to castle in general

An update on forums or main page would be nice too. I didn’t even know Sky Gardens existed…hard to get a handle on new content when said new content is unknown to those offline or afk

Legendary Zaj in the spawn event is not the same one in sky castle, I can’t solo the event one but sky isn’t too bad at all. Now that the mobs in sky gardens can drop booster scrolls if you can kill them at a reasonable rate you should be able to get your time up quite nicely, i’ve been averaging 1-2 an hour.

Main reason it takes so long now is because you’re forced to kill assassin as well, who drops nothing. Believe Zaj said he might make it a harder boss but actually drop stuff so maybe it won’t always be a complete waste of time.

There definitely needs to be an incentive for the person/party taking sky castle as it sucks to have everyone else go for free when you’ve put all the work in, have spoken to Zaj about this and he said he was considering it so maybe that will make it more worthwhile aswell.