Slight buffs to int elf would be nice

can we get a few buffs to int elves

we got Seal of Hydro Blast - S80 which is nice ( i love the spell)

like can we get to use wiz pots eventually (maybe a spell or something that we have to unlock )

and maybe 1 or 2 spells

im not asking for an aoe spell but maybe a int buff spell or sp or letting us use wiz pots

maybe we can get area of silence to work? Or Counter Mirror?
Or maybe return triple arrow to the correct delay?


The delay on Triple Arrow does suck.

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With the highly enhanced stats that are on this server +2 spell power from a wisdom pot is pretty negligible. Considering the high damage of every hit from an elf already, triple arrow delay being lowered would make them ridiculously strong even factoring in not getting max damage bonus from T5 skill as bow range is greater than triple arrow range

With the delay on one of the best offensive spells combined with the non working defensive and offensive spells mentioned above and the ability not being able to AOE pack like another class this gives the other class a major leg up. There is no delay on the other classes offensive spells making them machine guns in the spell category not to mention the benefit in damage from their t5 buffs.

Another class that suffers greatly is the dark elf that has NO benefits in the t5 category over any other class due to the fact with the inclusion of reaper buffs every other class get’s all the benefits of the dark elf as well.

Plenty of mage spells aren’t working also and they are supposed to be the spell casting class so you win some you lose some.

AOE has been severely gutted on this server with most worthwhile areas having aoe disabled not to mention the soft cap to the number of targets that can be hit with an aoe spell. With the areas remaining that are possible to use AOE in the majority of the spells don’t even do enough damage to beat the monsters regen at a decent rate. Essentially it’s pretty much quicker to single target kill every mob anyway.

If you are talking t5 category then every class has its own unique buff so that’s the benefit they get over every other class. Besides which every class getting i2h and auto activating counter magic scrolls easily outweighs the reaper buffs.

After playing this server since opening, and having every class, mages are by far the easiest to lvl with aoe. The supposed nerf on aoe you speak of is non existant. A new mage with event set and weapon can easily aoe in noob thebes temple and make t2 in 2-3 days there is no other class that can do that. A t5 mage with the same set can dominate in pvp in cdk and non cdk zones. all you need is a casting macro of call lightning and superbraves. You cannot counter spell scroll that because there is no delay

The classes are not balanced.

Elves at least have NB for hunting but in 1-2 shot pvp nb is useless everyone pots. The delay on TA just makes them weaker.

knights have t5 bounce spell awesome in pvp and pve

darkelves have t5 damage buff. again useless in pvp and you have to go invis to use the max benefit.

elves have a distance t5 damage buff but it’s easy to close the gap and then the elves are penalized at close range by doing less damage up close than not having the buff. ever tried to stay away from someone that is superbraved?

Out of the WORKING classes. of course I dont mean dragon knight and illusionist.
Dark elves have the worst of the deal. not having anything to bring to the table at t5 because all of their spells are shared in reaper buffs.

This is not a bitching thread it’s a fact.

ALL pvp damage needs to be nerfed immensely to make pvp enjoyable. I can understand 1 shotting a noob but when geared t5’s 1 shot each other pvp is just not worth it.

Just my opinion… It’s probably never going to change. I’ll just probably keep leveling till I max my character then work on the next one for fun.

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Non-existant nerf? Maybe if you actually played a mage you would know what you are talking about. It’s pretty clear that aoe is disabled in most areas i.e. impossible to use aoe.

A new mage with event set and weapon can easily vampiric touch in Tikal and then event instances which is far more exp than noob thebes will ever give with aoe.

T5 Lightning is the second slowest casting spell out of all the T5 buffed spells just ahead of sunburst so there is actually quite a delay (not sure how you would think there is none) and using spell scrolls actually blocks more than 50% of casts. It’s only a oneshot in pvp because no one uses the correct items to defend against it, of which there are many.

Knights are actually the most shafted class as far as T5 spells go considering it costs the same hdes charges but only lasts 30seconds not 10mins like every other buff. Sure it’s a very good defensive buff but knights are supposed to be the tank class

Dark elf buff gives crit chance and crit dmg even not coming out of invis so not too sure how that is useless in any scenario in the game.

Lightening also has a horribly short range to it.

Now if Spirit Blast were a t5 mage spell, w/ the increased damage and shorter delay, that would be nice!

Have I mentioned I miss Spirit Blast lately? Haha

I am playing my mage now and with the event set and essence I made t2 in 2 days. aoe is diabled in underground, sky, and dragon ground as far as I know. he mentioned underground was really for melee classes since mages had tos. I guess you never fought a superbraved t5 mage in the underground and see that they can double cast. there is no way to cms against that. aoe works in tikal Ive seen a mage aoe the 50+ archers that spawn there. The aoe spell from the event vala staff is nuts aoe damage. Did I mention that I have a t2 mage that at t1 was aoeing in noob thebes temple? I got 30 thebes gold bars in 20 min of play.

ALL pvp damage needs to be about 20% of what it is now to make pvp seem like the old lineage.

you wrote: using spell scrolls actually blocks more than 50% of casts. It’s only a oneshot in pvp because no one uses the correct items to defend against it, of which there are many.

even if you block 50% of casts the next second you are dead still 1 shot pvp. and also the animation of the cm even with scrolls stop your walking and you can;t attack.

ONE SHOT PVP IS JUST DUMB. That goes for all classes being able to do it.

Er no if you used the correct items (not counter magic scrolls) to defend against it, you would never get one shot.

Unleash Hell doesn’t even do more damage than Hurricane

If it takes you 2 days to level to t2 with event set + essence then clearly you don’t know the optimal way to level (not aoe by the way)

You stated if it takes me 2 days to make it to t2 then i dont know how to play a mage you are proving my point exactly.

I don’t think zaj want people to be able to make an ultra in less than 2 days so the damage output on a mage is not tuned correctly.

It’s obvious you have a mage and you have nothing to complain about and don’t know that other classes get the shaft compared to mages so this discussion is over.

Any class is able to make it to t2 in less than 2 days.

I am sorry but you are mistaken. ask any noob

I’m sorry but i’ve made plenty of t2’s in less than 2 days without aoe, ask anyone who knows what they are doing

Only way to make t1-t2 not doing temple will be dailies which required gc alot an yes you can make it in one day and half if all you do is dailies but temple is soo easy aswell for a mage with event sets

Exp is ridiculously easy to get on this server with all of the exp boosts available, if it’s taking you more than 1 day with event gear you are doing it wrong. AOE isn’t relevant at all here

lol sure you still need to waste gc if you trying to do it tho there is no way to do it without it