Some things that are missing now

First off these are purely food for thought and not intended to be negative at all. Playing through various stages of this servers life I have seen some good and bad. The main topics will be PVP, party hunting and economy of the new players. There are various styles of lineage players, trolls, pvpers, pks, farmers, social or non social players and the grinders, maybe more. Weather you don’t like being a pk victim, losing in pvp, being called to fight on global or having to buy a rare item from a farmer it is all part of a healthy balance. Excitement, entertainment, teamwork or even anger after pvp/pk. These things can put determination or enjoyment into a game.

A reward system for pvp is hard to implement without being abused but Zajako has something in the works and hopefully it will bring some fun conflict over to the main server. So I can pass this for now.

#Party Hunting
There does not seem to be much going on or need for it in most cases, but it is a very enjoyable thing to do and is a good memory from older 1.5 times. Some positive things that could be done are maybe custom buffs while party hunting all on the same screen or even some event with tiered levels that will actually require great team work and rewards that are balanced by making it so that there are different difficulty and rewards depending on the tier of you and your party members of the same tier, which also brings me to the thought that the players that are constant do not really need any alternate character that would make lower level zones more used or party’s of lower tiers formed to hunt. But they may if those rewards were unobtainable through instances or rewards on certain other custom tiered events/instances whatever you want to call it. It may also help those beginners or lower tiered players willing to party hunt able to afford those starter event/entry soul gears they need(Personally one event I really do miss playing on a different server is playing the Halloween event where 2-4 times a day you could form a party and go hunt bosses for a chance to make a reward box or go take down the demon king that dropped I think a 2hs, staff, edo and bow. I think the actual event was only in korea)

#Noobs and trading zone
I understand that most things are just done over the web market now, and trade zone may just be dead. But it still was a fun part of the game I’m not sure if anyone else misses going and checking for a random good deal or setting up a shop to buy materials but it is something that at least I do kinda miss at a social standpoint. Not sure if anything even could be done to revive social marketing but regardless I will throw it on here.