Some Upcoming changes to the Codex of Time button

I’ve been working on re-designing the way the menus are for codex of time and the GC button for exchanging gc with Valhalla npcs to make this more streamlined and fix the issues with the GC button only working if you click the codex button first.

This will be done by removing the GC button and having the current Codex button handle multiple things.

When this is implemented it will make it so that when you click on the codex button, now called Premium Scroll, it will bring up this menu:

This menu will be expanded later to include several other buttons for convenience. When you click on the Codex of Time it will take you to the normal codex window. You can also type -codex to skip this window and go straight to the codex. The normal codex window will likely be updated in the future to be more graphically inclined as well.

When you click on the GC Exchange button it will take you to a newly designed window that will allow you to open the shops without any extra hassle. This window will look something like this:

This will also likely get a shortcut command in the near future as well, something like -gcex, that’s to be determined, but when you click on any of them it will allow you to trade gc for items as if you were at the npc right then.

Lastly you’ll notice the button on the first picture for Quick Donate. This button will work after you have enabled it via donating from the website directly with a credit card via the new upcoming paypal pro integration to the site. Once you do this, you can check mark boxes that allow you to QuickDonate both on the site and/or in game. This allows you to not have to goto paypal or even open a browser window, also to quick donate, you won’t be required to enter your credit card information either. More details will be revealed about this system in the near future when it is ready for release. Just know that every part of this new donations system will be optional and can be enabled/disabled as you prefer.

Hope you guys like the way this looks/is progressing, please give some feedback on the boards!

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