Spawn Event Feedback

Hello Guys!

I want your feedback on the spawn event from Saturday the 10th of November.

Please upload/link to any picture or video of the evening as well as share your opinions, pros, cons, and anything else about it!

I also wouldn’t mind descriptions and whatever else you may want to say about the event so that players who couldn’t make it, know what it was all about.

I want to make this system the best ever. I want to have it be so good that people quit playing other games, just to come play this one for this. This system if properly advertised and updated could help us grow a much larger population bringing with it much more fun.

Make sure to also spread the word for next week’s spawn event!

PS pardon if this post is all over the place I’m so tired! 3 hours of running this event drained me so much more than I thought it would! GOOD NIGHT!

I made a video of me pretty much just solo out there

Hope you enjoy - by the way I play with no sound or anything so it’s a bit boring

Also my thoughts which are somewhat biased,

Cannot do PVP - one clan is ruling right now and literally I am the only other person able to hunt this event. I would get my clock cleaned.

There’s too many “filler” mobs - the trees and dire wolves… idk they just don’t drop enough or have enough of a benefit (that i saw) to make it worthwhile to kill them.

The most fun section is the sky one in the east - I don’t know why but it is.

I complained about AOE but there should be a way to improve AOE on this event if you do have many filler type mobs. We just want to get to the real bosses. Any type of AOE should be increased to get these mobs done.

Please spawn bosses that will drop actual items - fragments are not exciting enough to spend 4 hours and 2000 hdes hunting. Maybe create an event edition of a monster with better rates or just up the drop rate.

Also bosses are too spread out - I don’t know how to change it but for a while I had seemingly a hundred mobs on me yet on the other side of the screen other people are getting drops from real bosses - while I’m stuck with the “fillers”.

Anyway pretty much my opinions I did love it actually and can’t wait til next week. Just my thoughts at this point in time.

I thought it was pretty cool, I mostly stayed in the east and west. I really like the idea of waves of mobs and the sheer amount of them was awesome.

Event was awesome my only complaint is the new mobs still dont die from magic on the last hit but overall it was really fun and i cant wait for next week

Well the event is great and It has already been mentioned but the drops are a bit low against mats used.
Outside regular mobs im useless on any bosses and do no dmg soo I cant help out with them.(no need to change that just for one person either)

I liked the event, I was basically useless though compared to the others so I’m not sure how new players will be able to do the event with even less gear. I had end game gear 2 years ago and now i’m doing 44 dmg proc vs their 3.5k dmg proc.

Maybe separate the area down the middle and have one side for t4+ and the other side for t3- with the two scrolls only working if you match the correct tier? Something for the less geared players to help them without the highest tiered players sweeping up all the mobs.

You should have gone to a different corner, the north corner is the hard one, there were a total of 4 arenas you could have been hunting in. The South one was very easy for T1 & T2 players, West and East were for medium difficulty, you for sure could have handled West, East can be tough for anyone if you don’t pull it right though. North was designed for those with PEN and RES stats, which are needed to combat the monsters from the underworld effectively.

I uploaded a video on YouTube including Chinese in the tittle. Hope it will draw more players.

The spawn event was really fun a lot bosses and monsters. I had fun killing bosses but not all these many monsters.

However this is my opinion for DE, there are too many monsters. I considered myself as T5 top gear dark elf so I went north tower. I had 1500 res (War gear n 15+ TS and other shits) with Faf axe proc, using lvl 40 Faf event edo weap. I used a lot buff items like sky buffs, burning potions, thanksgiving dinner, pumpkin pie, chrismas cake, T5 spell and etc.

Even with top gear, weapon, burning pot and all buffs it still take more than 15 hits to kill a monster.

There were too many monsters at the same time. I could not tank more than 4 strong monsters. I tried to go slowly and lure just few monsters but there were too many monsters. it will still come like 7-8 in a packs.

I could do much. I can only followed elfs and hit monster which is chasing elfs.

This is my observation for each top class.

For mage: Nubblet did not show up so I dont know much about this event for top mage. But I do know that Fear (the best mage in the event) could not do shit.

For knight: King was able to tank entire screen of monsters which is crazy lol. I think either knight T5 spell is too tanky or the Faf axe lvl 40 proc is fucked up. Knight kill speed isn’t that fast. it will take top knight forever to kill those monsters lol. King was always stuck with monsters could not move.

For DE: Kill speed is normal, it will takes a long time to clear these many monsters. Can’t tank at all need to follow knight or elf.

For elf: Let s not mention about Empava (He probably cleared 90% of the monsters). He is exception. Fawx could kill pack of monsters in a short time much faster than knight and DE. Good AOE damage and range attack make it very efficient to clear those monsters.

For loyal and dragon knight: Unknown.

I think it will be more fun if more bosses are spawned not all at once. Maybe 4-5 bosses each time followed by some monsters (not entire screen of monsters) for many rounds (like 10 rounds)

I agree faf axe level 40 skill is ridiculous- people non tank class can use it to solo sky with regular gear (I’ve done it myself on d-e). Let’s also not forget t5 skill knight has is a 30 second duration - I went thru almost 3,000 HDES during this event. Full new boss set and XR item set where applicable. If I had an elf or a strong aoe mage it would make for a great team for this sort of event.

I wouldn’t even consider playing my DE for this event - it would die too fast and cannot do enough damage to kill fast enough. Would just be a waste of time or too slow to pull 1 at a time (impossible for this amount of mobs).

a Spawn event ONLY weap and armor would be great for everyone to enjoy ~!