Starting Guide for New Players

This is a Guide for new players who are coming to the server and are not sure what to do. This guide will be complete with a list of useful commands and helpful information for leveling and gearing your character.

Here on L1.5 we have many useful currencies (Forms of in-game money) that can be used to purchase things on the server The main currencies in the game are as followed.

Adena: This is your main currency. You can use it to buy consumables and other items from shops/venders and items from other players.

Gift Coins(GC): Gift Coins can be obtained by donating to the server and by purchasing them from other players. This currency is used to buy very strong and expensive items from other players and are also for the Gift Master Shop -giftmaster. You can also use the calculator to see how many Gift Coins you get per donation here:

Ancient Adena(AA). Ancient Adena is obtained by voting for L1.5 by clicking the banners on the left side of the main page of our website (you must be logged into the website to vote). This currency is used to purchase stuff in the game using commands. (There is a command list below).

Ok, Great. Now that we have all of this info on currency lets get into making our characters and starting out.

The first thing you will want to do after creating your account is go to the main page of the website and vote using the banners. By Voting you will receive AA (Ancient Adena) This is very helpful for using certain commands in the game such as -brave to make your character run on brave.

When you login and start off in the game depending on your class you will either start in Hidden Valley or Singing Island at this point you will want to type the commands “-buffs, -brave” to buff your character up and then you will want to type -betanoob (This will take you to a newbie area where you are able to hit training dummies until level 31). Once you have reached level 31 it is advised to stay and hunt around betanoob until you have leveled up a bit more. (You can stay at betanoob until level 60 if you choose to do so)

When you have reached roughly level 51 you will want to start hunting in harder areas that are good for leveling your character. Good places to hunt at this level are places such as Blazing Swamp or Island Of Prayers or Pirate Island.
To get to Blazing Swamp you can purchase a “Glowing Coal from Blazing Swamp” from the shop in -warp 2 (Silver Knight Town). For the Island of Prayers you would simply type -warp 8 to teleport there and for Pirate Island you would type -warp 10
Note: Blazing Swamp is only huntable until level 61.

Now That you have a idea of where to hunt on your character lets talk gear.
Here on L1.5 we have a grade system for gears/items which require certain levels to use certain items. Gear Grades are as followed.

C-Grade Level 40

B-Grade Level 51

A-Grade Level 61

S-Grade Level 76

S80 Level 80

X-Grade Level 100

When you start out on the server you are given a gear set automatically to start out with. This is a very decent and helpful gear set for the lower level areas. However when you reach level 51 you are now able to wear a new “grade” of armors for example: “Blue Wolf Set” This item set can be obtained by hunting in the Ant Caves located in the Desert and also by hunting Blazing Swamps or often other players will have extras and be nice and even give it away. There are many other items sets for many other levels and grades however it would take all day to post it so instead I am going to link to the old guide which has more descriptive information on other items and grades.
Please note that the link to the other guide is outdated and some information there is incorrect although the item guide is still correct.

Ok, Now we are getting into stats. I would post information about stats here but another player has already been good enough to make a great post on it so instead I will simply link it here. 31 All Stats Video

Now lets talk Player Commands. Below is a list of player commands that you will often use in the game which will be very helpful for your adventures here on L1.5

Displays all usable commands.

Provides a few beneficial buffs to the player.

-warp 1-10:
Provides a delayed teleport to certain towns. Type -warp in game to see all destinations.

-poly (1 AA):
Provides a 7,100 second (2 hour) polymorph of your choice.

A fun panda morph. Great for showing you are AFK.

-brave (5 AA):
Provides Potion of Bravery effect for 3,600 seconds (1 hour).

Informs you of the current location of the Crack of Time. (Each area the crack is in has 3 possible spawn points)

Kills your character and sends a message on global
chat. WARNING: You will lose experience with this command. If you are
level 61 or over, after suicide you will receive a vial of your class’s
blood in your inventory. This is used for certain blood pledge quests,
and can also be consumed to temporarily morph into a faster version of
your class.

-giftmaster: This will pop up a window for the giftmaster shop where you can purchase items with Gift Coins (GC)

-cdk (50 AA):
This command gives you the CDK polymorph for 7,100 seconds. It’s expensive, but provides a very fast morph for hunting.

This command allows you to stay in your characters original form however makes your movement much faster. (great for Elfs)

This command is sometimes turned on by Zajako as an event. Use it to get free 7,100 seconds of CDK.

Teleports you to the FunLand PvP Arena.Here you are able to fight other players for fun without losing exp from death or going chaotic from killing another player. You can also do Player vs Player matches and earn funland tickets which can be used to purchase dolls.

-immune (2 AA):
The same effect as the Wizard’s Immune spell. Decreases damage taken for 30 seconds. Alternatively you are able to get Crystal of Protection (cops) which will give you the Immune effect for 5 minutes.

Displays the amount of Ancient Adena (AA) that you have accumulated from voting on the main page.

Shows your current Damage Reduction, Magic Resistance, Armor Class, and
Spell Power, along with your current % of level completed. This is
useful if you are over level 100, as the experience bar does not move
after this level.

-self: (formally known as -fix)
Causes you to “teleport” in place, which will fix your position if you are having issues with invisible monsters, going through stairs, etc.

Use this command if you want to see the damage you are
doing with weapons or spells. You can also use this to get more
detailed information from the -weapon command.

This command will show you the current weapon armed
and (if using a Soul Weapon), will display the current level and % of
the weapon.

This command will show you your current power/skill doll’s exp and level.

Displays the current level, experience and reputation of your clan.

Toggles weapon proc messages from any Soul Weapons around you, as well as your own.

Displays name and experience/level information about all equipped Soul Items

Displays the number of Elixirs or Fluids you have used.

Now that we know all about starting off and commands and have the basics down lets get into the L1.5 Tier system.

On L1.5 we have what is called a “Character Tier System” what this means is you can continuously level your character and become much stronger with higher stats and damage rates. How this works is when you start your adventure here on L1.5 you start off as a level 1 character. You can level all the way to level 100 however its recommended to level to 115 for the extra stat points and use whats called a “Charged Blade” which can be crafted using a “Weakened Spirit Blade and 100 of each of the 4 types of Soul Shards (Sad, Pure, Angry and Lost)” from Ivory Tower floors 4 - 8 to become a special character class called a Reaper.

The Reaper Class has the ability to learn all mage spells and even has its own special abilities. You will then level your character back to level 100 again. Once you have reached level 100 Reaper you are able to use what called a Pandora’s Box to now start off as a 1 Tier 2 character with a 50% permanant damage boost. You can craft the Pandora’s Box by using 3 keys (Key to the Wasteland, Key to the Forest and Key to the Island that you need to hunt or purchase from other players. You can obtain these keys by going to Forgotten Island for the Key to the Island, -warp 6 and hunting Orcs for the Key to the Forest and lastly around the Chaotic Temple in Gludio for Key to the Wasteland

Every time you become a Reaper or Tier up you will get Elixer Tokens which can be used to purchase special Elixers from a vendor in -warp 2. More Information about the Tier system and Elixers ect. can be found in the above link previously posted here about stats and also at the following link.

I think I am done for now.
If people have real questions and still need help learning the ropes you are welcome to whisper me in the game for assistance Turtle.

Also for a small list of pledges and pledge information please refer to the following link. Current Pledges and Information for Newbies


Thank you for taking the time and doing this, I know this will answer many question of new players.

Yes. Thank You. I echo Astra’s statement.

Loved the guide. Adding a few things here that I had to search for.

Pandora came up with some ideas to help jazz things up and bring in new customization options for your characters! With all these existing character slots what could we possibly add to the list? Pandora made it clear, MORE JEWELRY!!! To be specific, Brooches! These brooches each have sockets for jewels, so you can customize your brooch to suit your needs and hunting ground choice! The mini game and brooch/jewel system is being released, October 9th, and when released you guys can play the new mini game and start winning jewels to equip and collect as well!

What is a Brooch?

Brooches are a new equipment slot that is socket-able. Sockets are not binding and can be added and removed just like other pieces of equipment allowing you to swap out your jewels on the go. Upon release there are 3 new brooches able to be obtained. Ancient Brooch (2 slots) which can be purchased for adena from Pandora. Shiny Brooch (3 slots) which you will be able to obtain from the clan store or gift master for gift coins. Lastly the very rare Autumn Brooch (5 slots) which can be won from Pandora’s Jewelry Box mini game.

What is a Jewel?
There are a total of 9 different jewel types that can be equipped in a brooch (or slotted item) Each jewel has 5 different levels. You can only equip one jewel of each type at a time. Of course you are also limited to the number of slots in your brooch (or other slotted items) as to how many jewels you can equip. Jewels are non trade-able, however at level 5 you can seal them and exchange the sealed jewel.

How to get Jewels
You can obtain jewels from Pandora’s Jewelry Chest mini game that is on the website (here34) . Playing this mini game lets you win different prizes many of which are jewels. There are also jewel boxes that are trade-able/sellable.

What do these jewels do?
These stat boosts are still under testing and are subject to change but the boosts upon release are as follows:

Ruby - Increases the effect of soul shots
Lv1 - Increase soul shot dmg by 3%
Lv2 - Increase soul shot dmg by 5%
Lv3 - Increase soul shot dmg by 8%
Lv4 - Increase soul shot dmg by 10%
Lv5 - Increase soul shot dmg by 20%
Sapphire - Increases the effect of spirit shots
Lv1 - Increase spirit shot dmg by 3%
Lv2 - Increase spirit shot dmg by 5%
Lv3 - Increase spirit shot dmg by 8%
Lv4 - Increase spirit shot dmg by 10%
Lv5 - Increase spirit shot dmg by 20%
Diamond - Proc Resistance & Damage Increases
Lv1 - Increased Proc Resistance by 1%
Lv2 - Increased Proc Resistance by 3%
Lv3 - Increased Proc Resistance by 5% & Increase Proc Damage by 1%
Lv4 - Increased Proc Resistance by 8% & Increase Proc Damage by 5%
Lv5 - Increased Proc Resistance by 10% & Increase Proc Damage by 8%
Emerald - Increases base stats
Lv1 - +1 Str +1 Int
Lv2 - +1 to All Stats
Lv3 - +2 to All Stats
Lv4 - +3 to All Stats
Lv5 - +5 to All Stats
Topaz - Vampiric Rage Effect
Lv1 - Steals 50 Health per Hit
Lv2 - Steals 100 Health per Hit
Lv3 - Steals 150 Health per Hit
Lv4 - Steals 200 Health per Hit
Lv5 - Steals 300 Health per Hit
Aquamarine - Mana Steal Effect
Lv1 - Steals 10 Mana per Hit
Lv2 - Steals 20 Mana per Hit
Lv3 - Steals 30 Mana per Hit
Lv4 - Steals 40 Mana per Hit
Lv5 - Steals 80 Mana per Hit
Opal - Reduces the equipment level requirement
Lv1 - Reduces level requirement by 5 levels
Lv2 - Reduces level requirement by 10 levels
Lv3 - Reduces level requirement by 20 levels
Lv4 - Reduces level requirement by 30 levels
Lv5 - Reduces level requirement by 100 levels
Pearl - Decreases chances to be de-buffed, increases chances to land de-buffs
Lv1 - Decreases de-buff chance by 1%
Lv2 - Decreases de-buff chance by 3%
Lv3 - Decreases de-buff chance by 5% & Increases de-buff land rate by 1%
Lv4 - Decreases de-buff chance by 8% & Increases de-buff land rate by 5%
Lv5 - Decreases de-buff chance by 10% & Increases de-buff land rate by 10%
Obsidian - Reduces incoming PvP damage and increases outgoing PvP damage
Lv1 - Reduces incoming PvP damage by 5%
Lv2 - Reduces incoming PvP damage by 8%
Lv3 - Reduces incoming PvP damage by 10% & increases outgoing PvP damage by 3%
Lv4 - Reduces incoming PvP damage by 15% & increases outgoing PvP damage by 5%
Lv5 - Reduces incoming PvP damage by 25% & increases outgoing PvP damage by 10%
Garnet - Increases Max HP
Lv1 - Increases max HP by 300
Lv2 - Increases max HP by 500
Lv3 - Increases max HP by 1000
Lv4 - Increases max HP by 1500
Lv5 - Increases max HP by 2000
Onyx - A mysterious effect
Lv1 - Minimal mysterious effect
Lv2 - Increased mysterious effect
Lv3 - Moderate mysterious effect
Lv4 - Enhanced mysterious effect
Lv5 - Maximum mysterious effect
Glass Eye - Allows you to see the unseen
Lv1 - Enabled the -hpbar command to show monster health
More information is obtainable about this new system by talking to Pandora at -warp 1