Stats with -debug

Hi Zaj, first off I want to thank you for the codex instance disconnect fix. Works good, but I have to let everyone know that when you finish an instance you must let the game tele you out (don’t warp out or choose another instance) because if you don’t it causes a whole new set of bugs with the codex. Secondly, I noticed that when using the new -debug then -stats feature, which is supposed to show your true stats, it only shows stats up to 127… even if it is higher. I tasked you about this a while ago and you told me that stats are not capped at 127 its just that the interface only shows up to that amount and that if you truly have higher than 127 in a stat you will still get its benefits. Since that conversation I’ve been adding ultras and choosing gear accordingly. It now seems that 127 is as high as a stat can go and that any more you may have above that is just wasted. I hope this is not the case. Can you please clear this up for us and let -debug show true stats? Thanks for all of your hard work with this truly awesome server.

Sorry, I had it output the wrong variable, I used the one that is also used to output to the client. I’ll correct it with the next restart where it will show the correct amounts of stats past 127. When I was testing on the test server I was using a character without any gear and lower stats, so I didn’t notice.