Still no matter what cannot load any character except one

I tried the hub and it has issues saying no matter what name I use it will say not available. So hopefully MR Zajako see this and some how can fix.
I uninstalled again and even removed all traces so that no possible way any old installation files could still be there. I every time when reinstall claims updating files but you just actually see the numbers change not really any file names coming in.
Then it claims updated and then each time no matter what if you press on any character except one that Mr zajako said he moved over? So some how all other characters you wait and wait and then message comes up" server is not responding on time". I tried to make sure all his applications can go through firewall. I made sure it is run as admin. Tried repair connector to installation no matter what only one character can go through the one Mr zajako moved. Also none of the items on old server for any other characters can I reach. I just won real nice prizes and they are not in inventory either .I also no matter what even with character I can log in do much. The magic spells I set on the left panel that you can make bunch of quick reach items they never keep the setting and when I log back in all empty again. Only once do they work the spells with a long period of pause between each spell.
Typically any spell or item if double click on these box instead of like old ones spell works right away and will auto like target you get please target something and no matter what does not do. Only thing that works is to swing at them and seems delayed for seconds. If Mr Zajako could possibly do like he did before move my main character reaper some how. If he picks my first and highest level character and only real character I play then at least I could do that until rest fix up later on.
I understand always odd things in these updates, I remember in past takes some time to work out the glitches. So hopefully if someone can figure out what could be wrong . I tried to the newest solution of make sure put no for debug and that does not work either. So I am not sure why this keeps occuring, I try many many things and always this same issues. Hopefully eventually can get this working right.

I do not know if this has anything to do with the issue but could be one of the answers if others have similar problems getting character to load in new game. I just noticed when logged in to site it shows my character as a royal Lol instead of a reeper. Possibly some how this causes something to not load right? Anyhow I mention to you in case this might be helpful.