Story of Kreggar

I am Kreggar, I was raised in a royal family in a faraway land. My life was simple, as I had servants, and everyone had to kiss my feet. I had the best training from wizards, dark lords, and knights alike. My mother, the queen, adored me and I could do no wrong. Father, the king, was a fierce man. He was born in the gutters of a great kingdom and raised an army to take his first castle. The rest of the kingdoms soon fell to his might. He would always tell me that he had the hardest job in all the lands. His job was to make me a strong, and fierce king myself. On my 18th birthday he cast me out of his kingdom to create a kingdom of my own.
I sought out the help from the dark lord Drenicus. Drenicus, told me that he could help me find a new kingdom to capture and control. I gave him all my worldly possessions and I was teleported to an unfamiliar land. My story here begins in a mysterious hidden valley. I also seemed to have more in my bag than what I left with. I equipped the armor I found and sword. I also had a strange broch and a fist full of gems. Not sure what they do, I placed a random gem in the broch. I looked around and the town was quiet, with very few people in it. Outside of the town I found myself battling the undead. They seemed to drop a great deal of gold. Later I would find out that gold is called Adena here. It became evident quickly that the undead horde was never ending but also didn’t seem to bother the town. I felt it was time to move on. There is much to explore.
Leaving the Hidden Valley, I came across a small but popular town known as the Silver Knight Town. I was directed by another adventurer that there was excitement to be found in a place called Fire Valley. I was also warned to stay away from the volcano as it was home to a great dragon called Valakus. As I explored Fire Valley, I learned Valakus was not the only creature to be feared. As I was fighting a flaming salamander the ground beneath my feet began to shake. Then explosions erupted all around me. The demon Ifrit was throwing great rods of lava and flame at me. That when I saw it, the largest, scariest thing I’ve ever seen. A monstrous fire bird, Phoenix. Its wings covered in lava would splatter flame over everything it flew by. I barely escaped with my life.
To be continued…


Not bad Kregger, not bad…