Subclass suggestions

Hey guys!

I am going to be T5 pretty soon. I want to get some suggestions from you guys for the subclass.
My main class is elf. Any suggestions for the subclass? Pro and Con?

Thank you guys!

I am an elf, and I chose to go with Knight as subclass. To me the choices are between Knight and Mage, and it depends upon how you like to play. I wanted to use Knight so I can melee/tank in clan mates who went Mage with their alts. Makes it more fun to change up party hunting duties. I haven’t heard any overly positive comments about DE and Royal, I think either are playable, but tend to be discounted over Knight, Mage and Elf, but the other two classes are garbage and may not work correctly with their class spells/weps/etc.

There are lots of good weapons and armor pieces for both Knight and Mage, so in the end, I think it is about game playing style. You do have the opportunity to change subclasses if you don’t like one. You can also pay GC to switch subclasses w/o losing levels. (It is a bit expensive, but for those committed to switch.)

Thank you for the suggestions.
Yea, I am deciding between Knight and Mage.
After some thinking, I am leaning more toward the Knight, since my gears have more physical damage.
I am thinking it would be easier transition without investing too much on another set of gears, and plus my elf could use the same melee weapon that the knight uses.