Suggestion For Classes

I wanted to put a post together with some suggestions for the server that I think will do a few things.

1 – It will make current players happy.

2 – It will bring players back who have stopped playing because of recent updates that make their class unplayable.

3 – Having a larger, engaged, happy player base will ultimately result in more donations to the server benefiting all.

So, what are my suggestions? Basically one: Bringing benefits to each class. And what I would propose are boosts to every class giving the specific boost for what they are intended to do, as outlined below. Zaj – This post isn’t intended for you to respond with you’re wrong because of x, y, and z but as an observation of my play over the last several years and feedback that I’ve heard from others. The numbers I outlined are also just examples, not based on specific tests, just estimates.

Mages: Mages are intended to be a class that uses magic. With the recent updates however it has made it nearly impossible to hunt, and this is coming from a Knight who just uses a Mage occasionally on an alt. I understand that the recent update to damage was to fix it stacking and having magic do crazy damage but the side effect of doing this was making it impossible to AOE or hunt with magic. After all these hunting areas were designed with magic doing a ton of damage so now AOE isn’t viable. So what are mages to do? Melee? That doesn’t make sense for their class.

Class Specific Changes:

Boost Staff Damage by 25%: This is a mage specific weapon so it would be nice if mages did more damage while using it over other classes using it.

Boost AOE Damage by 50%: This makes AOE viable to use for hunting and does not impact PVP or boss hunting.

Boost Single Target Magic Damage by 20%: Making VT and other single target spells viable.

Boost Heal Spells by 50%: Remember when mages could play a support role and heal while others tanked? Let’s bring that back.

Knights: Knights are intended to do physical damage as well as take physical damage. I find it strange that my Knight, using STR gear, does just about the same damage with a lower level/enchanted Zaj Bow than it does with Zaj Blade.

Class Specific Changes:

Boost Sword/2HS Damage by 25%: These are Knight specific weapons so it would be nice if Knights did more damage with them over other classes using them.

Damage Reduction by 25%: Allowing Knights to tank.

Elf: Elves are intended for long range damage but may suffer in close quarter combat a bit and they also use magic.

Boost Bow Damage by 25%: This is an Elf specific weapon so it would be nice if Elves did more damage while using it over other classes using it.

Damage Reduction by 10%: Making Elves a bit more defensive.

Magic Damage Boost 15%: Elves are a magic class as well this makes their damage spells more viable

Heal Boost 25%: This is intended more for the support role that they can play.

Dark Elf: Dark Elves are intended to do a lot of damage in close quarter combat but suffer from low defense.

Boost Edoryu/Claw Damage by 35%: These are DE specific weapons so it would be nice if DEs did more damage while using it over other classes using it. They are designed to do a lot of damage, so let them. It may open a few new items as well. Zajako’s Epic Edo? With a large damage increase they don’t receive any other boosts.

Reaper: Reapers are intended to be a versatile all around class. Kind of the best of all classes combines and should be pretty well rounded.

Boost Damage of All Weapons: 15%

Boost Damage of AOE Spells: 25%

Boost Damage of Single Target Spells: 10%

Boost Heal Spells: 25%

Damage Reduction: 10%

For the sake of time I’ll leave Princes, Illusionist, and Dragon Knights out of the conversation.

While these numbers might not be perfect and may need to be adjusted the idea is to bring benefits of playing EACH class, not just the “best” class. Every class becomes the best depending on what you want to do. It promotes weapons to be better for one class over another and encourages people to level multiple characters. This will cause players to buy and outfit characters with weapons and gear specific to their class instead of just sharing things between characters. This helps the economy of the game as well as the donations as people are now needing GC to buy form others.

I’d encourage everyone to share their thoughts about this proposal and add your input. Let’s keep it constructive and on topic. Cheers!


That would be awesome. Returning classes to specific purpose and play to their original strengths would be great for party hunting and the upcoming raid system. Definitely would make game play so much fun. Well written.

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Nice thoughts :grin: An seems fair

I think instead of increasing damage for all classes.

It s better to reduce the damage of certain class. Elf in super brave mode with triple is really OP.

Please no more increasing damage…it will make the 1 sec pvp again…

Are you really just going to complain about every class until they’re all shit?

I don’t think boosting every single class is ever going to happen - but I do think weapon types to be boosted for specific classes is a great idea. Knights really should not be doing more damage using a bow than a blade (as an example)

I like the idea of boosting class specific weapons and boosting damage overall. Just make some way to reduce damage in pvp.

My mage does nearly the same damage with a zaj bow in cdk as I do with VT wearing all int gears.

Balance or remove, dmg stacking items.

Before I change any sort of damage formulas for anything, I need to do damage tests to gauge where things are at.

I have not been able to make time for it, because right now I’m losing money running this game and have to focus time on other work.

There are many things I’d love to work on improving about the game, balance between classes is for sure one of them, but that is something that takes a great deal of time to get right and I can’t justify that time with the current state of things.

Later this week I’m gonna focus on the donation event stuff and a in game event related to it. Also I’m gonna get the Legendary Valakas Raid released this weekend. If those changes bring back donations, we can talk more about some improvements to class balance and doing the damage tests that I’d love to do WITH you guys, so you can see I’m not just making things up and you guys can suggest different ways to test things.


Rather like this part.

Also get rid of the diminishing returns on AOE. Make it do same damage to each mop :smile:

We’re finally getting to a point where classes are getting even, and all I’m hearing is whinging from mages.
Mages were hard to level up on live. They aren’t suppose to tank. They leveled up by offering to be healer in a party. I know the server’s different from live. But I don’t see why we can’t bring back some of the things that made a mage a mage, and not the all powerful god mage we have been seeing. Lol I don’t think anyone remembers the days when mages gathered in bunches and hunted bugbears with energy bolts.

Can monster summons be a thing in the server? Mages are complaining they can’t hunt now. What if they get stronger summons or tames? I disagree with heals. There’s a cape for that duh. and I definitely don’t think they should get more damage boost. Mages weren’t suppose to hunt boss monsters alone. Any damage increase should be inversely proportional to their tankability. Make them like a glass sword.

Mages can only tank shit because of the huge HP stack potential of this server + X pots, if you can pot for more than mobs can deal to you it’s impossible to die. Considering they have the lowest ‘hard DR’ value they actually have the weakest potential to tank anything if you disregard using VT (which won’t pull any competitive dps numbers)