SXP & Drop Messages

Hi Zajako,

There was talk that maybe we could toggle the drop messages on/off

i.e. so that we don’t see how much SXP for the mop was or what it dropped (adena + mats etc)

This is very annoying when you are hunting in places like temple/skaro etc

Makes it very hard to keep up with private/global chats etc.

New players might be interested in seeing that stuff, but us ‘older’ players are not really fussed in how much sxp we get or the drops.

If it is a good drop, then it globals!

Would be freaken awesome if there is that option. (Speaking for myself & the wider L1.5 community)

Hugs & Kisses


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This would be a killer mod. Would be great to make it easier to follow global while hunting. Already get a huge string of lines from the 2 reaper buffs.

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Reaper buff messages removed would be good enough for me! :smiley:

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