T5 Conductive Stones, etc

I cannot find anything in Forum and the items have no description, so no help there.

Anyone either know a forum post explaining the conductive stones, charge of water you get going to T5, and how to obtain the T5 skills?

So little information makes it hard to know how to proceed.

Thanks in advance!

Talk to the npc Nidrah in silveria for details

For those that need the info on where to find NPC’s and what mats are needed:

Element - NPC - Location
Wind - Nesari - Located in secret cave in Silent Cavern (entrance is above and s little left of -warp 7 starting point, to the right of the 4 torture posts)
Earth - Nabar - A little to the right and slightly above the center of Behimous
Water - Nidrah - meadow area in Silveria
Fire - Kartak - Inside Orc Fortress

1-Conductive stone (dropped by mops in elemental area - accessible only when Sky Castle has been taken, from the teleport in the center of Sky Castle)
5 - regular dragon scales
10 - higher dragon scales (eg. Floating Lindvior Scale)
100 - Refined Ore (dropped in T3 Under Ground Caves)
50 Million Adena