Test server please

We should have a test server open. That is all.

I completely agree. It will allow for new updates to be tested before they are added to the main server and work out any potential errors and bugs, limiting the need for multiple server restarts of the main server. And lets face it, we all know restarting the main server is not something that Zaj likes to do, it decreases the number of people online and with some of the restarts needing to be anywhere from 1 minute to 4 days after the first update restart and potentially ranging from 1 to 3 or so to fix the issue, it takes time for people that are not able to stay and wait for restarts to happen a long time to log back in. We all appreciate the time and effort that is put into updates and it seems that a test server would save more time and energy when adding content to the main server.

There is no Test server because what used to be the test server is now L1Life and would cost Zaj over $300 a month to run another so its understandable why he hasnt reopened another. However I agree with you both, yes it would be very helpful to have and would probably even a great thing to have again.