Thanksgiving, BlackFriday & CyberMonday Oh My!

Thanksgiving Gift Coin Wheel

The Thanksgiving Gift Coin Wheel is back with some awesome new changes!

  • Hourly free spins are being delivered to all online players
  • Free spins cap out at 5, so make sure you use your free spins so you can keep getting more!
  • New hot system that was released earlier this fall improved upon
  • Double Hot added for gift coin spins
  • Inventory reset should trigger more often, but not too often

Good Luck! Have Fun!

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What the heck is going on with the wheel? Someone is going crazy

what do u mean by that?

Every prize has been won - I guess spinning when it was cold (thousands of GC) was a bad move by me

It will reset very soon as people continue to spin. There are also still several good prizes left, including multiple protection enchants.

No issues here - hoping it helps achieve goal of making L15 more popular