Thanksgiving Mini-Event and Pandora Changes

Magical turkeys have been rumored to be around aden, you have been tasked to find them! To do so you need to use Turkey Calls, to call out and try to lure them out! Though I’ve heard the other animals seem to like the noise the call makes as well and may come instead. They got into the food for the feast and pandora’s secret stash anyways, so if you obtain any food dishes from these animals they are yours to enjoy!

Event Details
You can obtain Turkey Calls from playing Pandora’s Jewelry Box game, obtaining from the gift master (5 calls for 10 gc) and/or trading with other players. When you use the turkey call in game it may spawn one of 4 animals that you can quickly kill. These animals are all weak and can be killed by players of any level. The magical turkeys that can spawn have a bit more hp than the other ones, however they still should go down quickly. Food items that give temporary buffs, jewels, jewel chests, sealed lvl 5 jewels and several other items.

Monsters that can spawn from the turkey call are as follows:

  • Thanksgiving Duck
  • Thanksgiving Chicken
  • Thanksgiving Ham
  • Magical Turkey

Changes to Pandora’s Jewelry Box

Pandora now has 3 new types of jewels for you to socket into those brooches! Garnets, Onyx and Glass Eye. These new jewels were added to the game with level 1, level 2 and boxes. The glass eye is also added to the mini game. Turkey calls have been added to the mini game as well to allow you to play in the new event. The new total inventory has been increased to 3000, the reset quantity has been increased to 1000 as well. You can also obtain 3 extra free plays each day via the vitality merchant’s Free Play Vouchers which allow you to use 3 per day per account. The voucher uses reset each day at 1AM EST with the other daily resets.

New Items added
Summon Damage Dummy Lv1 - This item summons a damage tester dummy for 1 doll coin. The item is permanent and works very similar to a doll, however it will not take up doll summon counts. It also does not follow your character. It allows you to test your DPS damage. You hit the summoned dummy for 10 seconds and it will shout how much damage per second you did. This is very helpful for testing your builds. It is released in the gift master for 100 GC.

Turkey Call - 2014 - This item summons a random thanksgiving animal including the rare Magical Turkey.

Pandora Voucher - This item gives you a pandora pass (not free play) for use of playing the Pandora Jewelry Box game.

Pandora Free Play Voucher - This item gives you a pandora free play for use of playing the Pandora Jewelry Box game. You are limited to using these 3 times a day, per account and they can be purchased with vitality coins or from other players.

Ancient Glass Eye - This is an equip-able jewel ready for socketing. By equipping it, you are able to use the command -hpbar which allows you to see the health bars above enemy monsters, without the need of using Eye of Enemy Health items.

Ancient Garnet - A new type of jewels that increases max HP

  • Lv1 - Increases max HP by 300
  • Lv2 - Increases max HP by 500
  • Lv3 - Increases max HP by 1000
  • Lv4 - Increases max HP by 1500
  • Lv5 - Increases max HP by 2000

Ancient Onyx - A new type of jewel that has a mysterious effect

  • Lv1 - Minimal mysterious effect
  • Lv2 - Increased mysterious effect
  • Lv3 - Moderate mysterious effect
  • Lv4 - Enhanced mysterious effect
  • Lv5 - Maximum mysterious effect