The Alter of Osiris

New Daily Instance
The mirage in the thebes desert is remembering her past and needs your help investigating it. Can you find the hidden alter of Osiris where she believes she came from?

Instance Details
This instance quest requires you to find the steps to the alter of Osiris and use the key. Upon successfully using the key in the right location, you’ll enter The Alter of Osiris and be required to kill the monsters located there. You will have 10 minutes to kill all of the monsters, if you run out of time, or die, you’ll be ported out. So choose which difficulty with care as you only have on try at this quest each day.

There are 4 difficulties for this instance that match up with the other daily instances currently released in Ivory Tower.

Event Item
Love Chat Pass
This item allows you to chat via Love chat which is a global chat that is a pink color and has hearts next to your name. The rules for love chat are as follows:

  1. All Love Chat Messages must be positive and non sarcastic
  2. No selling/buying/trading in love chat

Other Changes
Entry into instance “hidden doors” has been expanded from 1 specific tile to within 3 tiles of the entrance.