The Bready Family - Halloween / Thanksgiving Event 2023

Event Details:
Bread boxes are spawning in the Ancient Vortex on Easy, Normal, Hard and Nightmare Difficulties. These boxes can give you bread weapons to allow particpation in the rest of the event.

Cake Batter and Hyper Bread Monsters are spawning on Talking Island (-warp 1 or use the event link on the right side of the game screen). These can only be killed with bread weapons, more damage is done with the higher enchantment level the weapon has.

There’s a new Event Tier of the Ancient Vortex where the Bready Family has appeared! These monsters can only be damaged with Bready weapons and its recommended to have a high enchanted bread weapon before entering the vortex on this type.

Extra yeast was added to the Bready weapons this year causing them to have a bonus 2000 or more Penetration damage and some of them even having up to 1000 Resilience!

The bosses of this event both in the Ancient Vortex event area and on talking island can drop dragon gemstones for XR upgrades as well as higher drop rates of Limit Break Devices!

Information on the bread weapons and some other details can be found here: Thanksgiving 2017 - The Bread Event?!?!

*** I’ll update this post with more details and better presentation later when I get some more sleep (hopefully <3 <3)