The Brumaal Stall

If more items come up I will update the list, if interested in anything message me IGN: Brumaal
Currencies accepted include Adena, GC, and DC.

Currently selling:
Level 7 Love doll: Inflatable man (2013)
Blood Sword (S80)
Leve 25 +10 Blood Sword (S80)
Executioner (S80)
Pumpkin Guarder of Loyalty 2012
Pumpkin Guarder of Loyalty 2013
Sec’s Enchanted Hair Pin (S80)

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Bru get a hold of me here Wess Email Click Here.

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BS out
Fragments in.
Currency updated.

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BS, Executioner, and guarders in.
Hidden blade and fragments out.

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Lvl 25 bs and Z-shirt in.
Currency updated.

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Z-shirt,Val shirt, and Zaj helm all out.

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Sec’s Enchanted Hair Pin added.