The cost of sxp

While the server is trying to normalize it’s prices I would like to see what people think the price of sxp is. I always laughed when some items despite their level go for nothing and yet people try and jump the price of some by a thousand or 2 just 'cause it’s level 30.
So what do you guys think sxp should be worth? How much more would you pay for any given item at lvl 30 compared to lvl 0?
Do you think sxp on armor is worth less than that of a weapon? If so how much less?

Any and all related input is welcome the more input we get the easier it is to get numbers that make the server happy.

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In my personal experience I think each player places a different value on sxp. I only get chance to play 1-2 hours a day so for me to lvl an item to lvl30 would take a substantial amount of time and therefore I would happily pay over the odds to get a lvled item.
On the other hand some of the higher lvl players that can lvl an item in a few days (no experience of this so don’t know actually how long it takes) wouldn’t want to pay for lvls when they can easily lvl it themselves.
Ive got a lvl 20 zaj set and would probably pay at least 5-800gc + the lvl 20 for a lvl 30 item.

I have to agree with Melinio on this one. Some people can level an item to 30 in 2-3 days. My fastest is 4 days, but could have shaved some time off that had I not had to work. So for people who have the time and are geared wouldn’t pay much more or any for a lvl 30 item over a lvl 0.

As for your weapon vs armor sxp I would have to say that the sxp on a weapon is more valuable. Close to 3x more in my case.

As much as everyone loves a “different strokes for different folks” answer they don’t help at all.

At this rate we might as well leave GC at 10m because I’m sure there is someone out there who’s desperate and would totally pay it, to hell with market standards.