The Crappiest Event Ever!

So, being the first of April, everyone is feeling a bit foolish. Pranks being the star game of April 1st, I thought you should be able to play them on each other! Introducing the Crappiest item ever!

Laxatives - Wanna play a mean trick on your friends, clannies, enemies or even random strangers? Simply use this item on any Food or Potion item then watch what happens after they eat/drink it! Beware though, this stuff is very volitile and will taint the whole stack of items it is used on, as well as whatever stack it gets added to!!! But the results are priceless! Also make sure you have your sounds turned on for the most laughs, as your target makes a huge mess!!!

Excited About T5? So am I! So I had to make some preview polies to show you guys how epicly cute you’ll be at the end of the long road of work it takes to reach that hard goal. There are 7 new T5 Transformation Items that will poly you into the epic new character sprites.

T5 TransformationItems!

Thats not all! There is also a new event hunting zone! Not an instance, a normal hunting zone with Cocky Pricks, Hand Jobs and even a new epic boss Tiny Prick!
You can get to the new hunting zone, Dungeon of Evil Thoughts by using the item called Evil Thinking Stone. You can get it from the vitality merchant or from Ives in -shop!

Other Event Related things
Dimensional Treasure chests rate is increased to 60% from the instance chest temporarily.

Crazy XP/SP rates!!! 100x!!!

What happened with these character sprites? Didn’t know if these were not going to be incorporated into the game.

They are dolls. I plan to release them into the game at some point.

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Cool. Saw the old post after finding one of the tokens on the ground. Got curious about it.