The Difinitive SXP Guide [2018 Guide Contest]

The Definitive SXP Guide {2018 Guide Contest]

So, you’ve just started Lineage 1.5, or you’ve been here a relatively brief time and you thirst for power….
Do you want to be VERY powerful?

Then you need the top gear…. which needs SXP to level! (Just like your character needs EXP to level.) Your gear also needs to be maxed out for you to receive its full benefits.

SXP is short for soul experience and it is exclusive to the L15 server. A certain amount of SXP is assigned to some of the mops you will run into. When you end them and are wearing soul gear (the games top gear), you will receive SXP. The SXP will be divided between all the pieces of soul gear you are wearing at the time. Soul gear levels up, giving you additional stats/damage/benefits/procs etc. For now, soul gear tops out at level 30(this will change with the upcoming level break quest…. more on that later.)

There are three different cumulative totals of SXP needed to fully level different pieces of soul gear. A list of those totals and an example of a piece of gear that has that total is as follows:

2746 Zajako’s Soul Blade [s80] = 6,541,100 cumulative SXP needed to complete levels 1 through 30
(You can identify other pieces of gear needing as much SXP as this if it needs 1,300,000 SXP to go from level 29 to level 30)
7354 Cloak of the Winds [X] = 13,082,500 cumulative SXP needed to complete levels 1 through 30
(You can identify other pieces of gear needing as much SXP as this if it needs 2,600,000 SXP to go from level 29 to level 30)
7371 Valakas’ Wing Bow [X] = 21,958,500 cumulative SXP needed to complete levels 1 through 30
(You can identify other pieces of gear needing as much SXP as this if it needs 5,200,000 SXP to go from level 29 to level 30)

To put all of this into perspective, I’m going to bring up the upcoming level break quest. This quest will allow you to level some pieces of soul gear from their level 30 cap to a new level 40 cap. This will require an additional 137,200,000 SXP per piece of gear!!!

So, what does this all mean? Well, with those daunting SXP totals, and your thirst for power, you need to do everything you can to increase the amount of SXP your gear acquires per kill. Luckily, Zajako runs SXP server based events most times, but this is in no way enough of a boost for a player that is truly hungry for power. This guide will explain some of the ways to boost it.

  1. Always start your hunts with the Christmas buff from Christmas Land.

Go to the -warp 2 shop and buy a scroll to Christmas Land. It costs a little over 1m Adena. The mops in this area give A LOT of Adena, so you will get your money back from the purchase of the scroll in no time. Hunt there for a min or two and you will receive the Christmas Land buff. It is green in color and looks like 2 bells. This buff lasts for 1 hour and it will increase the SXP you get per kill by 50%!

  1. 3338 Summon and hunt with as many Scarecrow dolls as your Charisma allows.

There are a few different dolls that you can use to increase your SXP. Luke magic dolls, Mia magic dolls and a few others will boost it a bit while also giving you other benefits, but Scarecrow dolls increase it the most by far. You can buy them in -shop from Damita for 70gc each. Each Scarecrow you summon will increase the SXP you get per kill by 30%!

  1. Obtain, summon, and hunt with a Power Scarecrow doll in your Scarecrow doll brood.

As soon as you can, one of the Scarecrow dolls you summon should be a Power Scarecrow doll. You can only use one of them at a time so, for example if your Charisma allows 4 dolls, 1 should be a Power Scarecrow and the other 3 should be regular Scarecrows. You can make one by going to -shop and speaking to Frintezza’s Seamstress. She will want 3 regular Scarecrow dolls, 5 soul eggs of power, 5 powerful soul fabrics and 1 ancient sewing needle. Power dolls level just by using them and they cap out at level 10. You can power level them by using Doll Training Books purchased in -shop from Dasha for 8gc each. Power Scarecrows give you increased spell power, and will increase your SXP the higher its level, in this way:

Lvl 2 = +15%
Lvl 4 = +30%
Lvl 6 = +45%
Lvl 8 = +60%
Lvl 9 = +75%

So, as you can see, after level 4, your Power Scarecrow is worth way more to your SXP gathering than a regular Scarecrow doll.

  1. potion Use Potions of Soul Attraction.

These potions can be purchased for 5gc at -shop from Dasha. They last 8 min each and will increase your SXP gains by 50%!

  1. Purchase, level up and use an SP event Rune.

spx rune
Go to -shop and purchase an SP Event Rune from Zenos for 180gc and 15 Event Upgrade Passes for 35gc each (525gc)… Although you don’t have to max out the Runes level, I strongly advise it. The 15 passes will max out the Rune at level 5 and will increase your SXP per kill by 100% for 2 weeks!

  1. Purchase and level a Gran Kain’s Shirt.


You can buy a Gran Kain’s bag from Callidora in -shop. Double click the bag and you will find a Gran Kain’s shirt and 10 Blessed Shirt Enchant scrolls. Use regular Shirt Enchant scrolls to get the shirt to +3 (It’s safe to +3). Then, use Blessed Shirt Enchant scrolls to try and get it to +7. The blessed scrolls go +1 when they work and bring the shirt back down to +0 when they fail, the shirt will not blow with blessed scrolls. When the shirt is +7, use Protection Shirt Enchant scrolls to get the shirt as high as +15. Protection scrolls go either +1 or do nothing on failure…which is great! Protection Enchant Scrolls can be purchased in -shop at Ives for 150gc, the regular and blessed scrolls can be purchased there as well for 3gc and 10gc respectively. The chart above explains the shirts benefits as it is enchanted.

  1. codex Buy a Codex of Time and do the dailies every day.

EVERYONE needs a Codex. Buy a Codex for 200gc from Yates in -shop. The daily instances in the Codex are great for everything…. like getting the charges you need to go Tier 5, acquiring the Tier 5 skills, getting rare drops from treasure chests, EXP and SXP! All dailies in the Codex can be done once a day for free (resetting at 1am) except for the Event dallies, which can only be done for free once a day when activated by Zajako. After you complete each instance once per day for free, all the daily instances in the Codex can be reset with gift coins as many times as you like. All dailies have 4 levels of difficulty for you to choose from, Easy, Normal, Hard and Extreme. Extreme has 100% more SXP per mop than Easy. The best dailies for SXP are:

Thebes- Alter of Osiris
Underworld- Sacred Library
Event- Christmas Presents


Let’s discuss the Event- Christmas Presents daily a bit. This daily can be done on extreme difficulty by all players, weak or strong in under 60 seconds. The instance consists of 6 Unstable Magic Presents and can be reset as many times as you wish for 8gc.

Using this instance on extreme as an example, here is a little taste of how my tips, 1 through 7, will affect your SXP gains:

0 of my tips = 7200 SXP
0 of my tips with a 3X SXP server-based event = 21,600 SXP
Tip # 1 with a 3X SXP server-based event = 25,200 SXP
Tip # 1, 2 (4 dolls) & a 3X SXP server-based event = 33,840 SXP
Tip # 1, 2, 3 (3 dolls and 1 power doll) & a 3X SXP event = 37,080 SXP
Tip # 1, 2, 3 (3 dolls and 1 power doll), 4 & a 3X SXP event = 40, 680 SXP
Tip # 1, 2, 3 (3 dolls and 1 power doll), 4, 5 & a 3X SXP event = 47,880 SXP
Tip # 1, 2, 3 (3 dolls and 1 power doll), 4, 5, 6 (maxed out) & a 3X SXP event = 54,360 SXP

To reiterate, these SXP totals can be gained every 60 seconds or less!!!

Now, because this is the DIFINITIVE SXP GUIDE, I will briefly go over two other items that will increase your SXP. They are items that Zajako sold in shop for a short amount of time and are currently unavailable for purchase (Unless your lucky enough to pry existing ones from players that had bought them at that time…very tough and expensive indeed!) Zaj does this from time to time and most times it is well worth the gc before they go “out of print”.
They are:

Zajako’s Legendary Doll - On top of ALOT of other Bonuses, gives an 80% SXP bonus. Uses one True Love Crystal when summoned, which can be bought in -shop from Ives.

Patriotic Boxers & Patriotic Panties - These pieces are used in the T-shirt slot, They are enchanted in the same fashion as Gran Kain’s Shirt (as explained above in tip #6). On top of other bonuses, it gives the ability to call 1 extra doll when enchanted to +7 and 2 extra dolls when enchanted to +9. (+60% SXP if 2 extra Scarecrow dolls are used in your doll brood).
Pro tip: If you want to use a different piece to hunt with in your T-shirt slot (ie. Gran Kain’s Shirt), you can summon your extra dolls with this, then take it off and hunt with the other one, until you need to resummons, then just do it again!

So, don’t worry, follow some, most, or eventually all my tips and your character will be a monster way sooner than was intended.