The Great Gift Coin Shift

With the gift coin wheel doing what it usually does, gift coin prices have gotten obscene! The highest I have seen them ever! Nearly 10-11mil each! Something had to be done to both bring gc flow into the server and make the gc price more affordable. I have thought long and hard about what I can do to help the economy of the game. The best thing I could think of to jumpstart the gc flow and make gc more affordable is to increase the gc price per dollar. The new rate is 9 gift coins per dollar donated. To balance this change in the game the npcs that take gc have increased their price by 60-100% to reflect the 80% increase of gc given out. Most of which leaning toward being cheaper in costs. There are a few items that may have their prices lowered as well.

Now because this is such a huge drop in value of the gc themselves it would be unfair to those who have auctions up for the prices to be left alone. So I have boosted all AH prices 80% to match the inflation. It is advised though that you go in and adjust your prices to whatever amount that you think the item will sell for at the current value of gc.

One final note about this change is that the donations that were made after the gift coin wheel ended, ( Sunday and Monday ) have received the increased amount of gc as well, as the change was intended to happen on Sunday.

I hope these changes help bring some balance and harmony to gc prices and that it is enough to help make the economy thrive again!

Good Luck,
Have Fun,
GM Zajako