The Great Rebalancing (more boosts than nerfs!)

###The short and to the point explanation
There was a bug that was causing all stats above 127 to not be fully utilized as intended. This was hard to spot but after testing things and looking closely at the code I was able to find and fix this bug. This will effect everyone who had any stats past 127.

Second there was a bug with Critical Damage. Well specifically a few pieces of gear that were using whole numbers as multipliers instead of decimal. The bug for this is fixed so that weapons are no longer criting for 10-30 times the damage, instead they are working as they were intended to.

Finally, to make it easier for testing and ensuring everything is working well, I’ve made some changes to the -stats command. -stats no longer requires -debug to show stat info, but no longer shows the exp info, you can now use the -exp command to see that.

INT now continues to provide SP for every INT, no limits! This means you can continue getting more and more INT to deal more and more damage.

INT now applies its full weight on all damage. There was a bug that caused INT to be treated as 127 even if over 127. It is fixed now.

INT now applies its full weight on all debuffs. There was a bug that caused INT to be treated as 127 even if over 127. It is fixed now.

STR now continues to provide damage boosts past 127 as this bug is now fixed. It is now supported to add damage up to 500 STR.

DEX now continues to provide damage boosts past 127 as this bug is now fixed. It is now supported to add damage up to 500 DEX.

CON now adds more HPMAX on login if you have more than 127 CON

CON now adds more HP Regen if you have more than 127 CON

WIS now adds more MP Regen if you have more than 127 WIS

WIS now continues to resist debuffs past 127 WIS

CHA now adds more luck if you have more than 127 CHA

DEX now adds more ER after 127 dex

-stats now shows ER and Elemental Defenses stats

Pets and summons are now capped at 6 out (not including dolls)

A bug with a message saying you are not high enough level when you are is now fixed.

Ultimate Defense, T5 Knight spell now protects from 50% damage (was 10%) and reflects 50%(5k cap) for monsters and 20%(3k cap) for players.

Formulas for the most popular spells have been adjusted to match the changes to INT and SP so they do not cause the damage to be too high.

All of these changes apply to to monsters as well as players.

###Sky Castle Changes
During Sky castle siege the crown will no longer spawn until you kill both the Assassin and Legendary Zajako.

Assassin spawn was moved to be more “conveniently” located

When taking the crown, all players inside of the sky castle will be teleported to the new safety zone version of inside of the castle where no mobs spawn. In a future restart the npc for crafting items will be moved here from the island outside and an npc will be placed on the island to teleport to inside of the castle during player owned time periods.

When siege starts again, the players are evicted and the inside is no longer a safety zone.

In the near future the Sky Castle Dungeon and/or Sky Gardens will be released and will only be able to be traveled to during player owned time periods.

###Instance Changes
Codex of Time now has Christmas Presents instance on it

Codex of Time now has the beta version of a new instance called Summer Beach Bash. The drops are working for this instance and there are plans to expand the drop list this summer.

###Ending notes…

  • PVP should be much more fun and balanced.
  • Growing Stronger should not be something you ever can stop doing.
  • Growth of even one STR, DEX or INT should now be noticeable and worth while.
  • If you haven’t played in a while and you thought you were maxed out and nothing seemed worth the grind to do, try coming back and see if you like the changes, I think you will!!
  • Lastly, I will be watching for imbalances and tweaking things over the next week, so if things feel too weak, don’t worry I’ll get it right!!

Are there similar issues with high MR (300-450) like the 127 stats? Seems that magic attacks are pretty heaving with high MR stat.

No, this is simply due to the behavior of the way MR works. MR is magic resistance not Magic Damage Resistance. If it succeeds in resisting the spell, it halves damage, A few years ago I put in something to put further damage reductions in, but its still pretty minor and still percentage based. I want to look into building the WIS stat into a more Magic Damage Reduction effect so it has more purpose, this should aide in this kinda thing.

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That would be very helpful.

With the description of MR you stated it seems rather useless now. IF you’re lucky it’ll reduce incoming damage to 1/2, but even then 1/2 the damage is still way out of balance. Especially when enemies, like the Zaj event, can spam 5-10 magic spells each second. Which leaves u only one option…evade scrolls. Even the priestesses in Thebes can kill you crazy fast. I’ve got 450 mr and I’m toast in 2-3 seconds.


I have about the same MR, slightly less actually, and the preietesses in Thebes don’t hurt that much. What is your DR?

around 300, depending what I’m wearing. sometimes 290 sometimes 330.

Would it be possible to refund players a good amount of Gem dust for attempts at upgrading jewels? considering we’ve been depending on CHA over 127 to affect our luck, and to our surprise this system has been broken, and our gem dust (much of which has been earned from pandora passes from donations) failed when it it may have otherwise succeeded if the system was functioning how it was intended?

no, because your luck was most likely maxed from both the cha and the other luck boosts you were using.

Besides, CHA has the least impact on luck, otherwise there wouldn’t be all of those items that have crazy luck in the first place.

Besides the green eggs which are said to “have the best luck in the game” what else am I missing that has “crazy luck”? I would like to purchase them before my next attempt at upgrading my jewels.

Also, glad to know CHA doesn’t have much of an impact as I was once led to believe.

So you had suckers like myself spend 1,000 GC on green fire egg dolls, build gear with CHA in mind for luck, reroll my luck 20+ times, bought CHA ultras, all when my luck was most likely MAXED OUT already? Wow.

In your game guide you talk about what an important component CHA is to luck. Looks like that needs an update.

I think the two real questions we should be asking zaj is.

1: What is the approx conversion rate for cha : luck

2: Will there be a way in the future to see our base luck or “current” base luck?

The base luck is probably the most important piece of luck we have isn’t it?

So do we all max out our luck with 150ish CHA and 6 green eggs with maybe 1-2 other crappy luck items (luck belt/rings). I say crappy cuz they cost like 15-25gc each from the vendor during the event.

Would be nice to know. Kinda wish I hadn’t added 40 CHA. Or been so concerned about getting every single CHA item in game and 6 green eggs

To Frosty:
A: its not my game guide, its a guide that was made by a fan and I’ve put it up. And everyone knows its outdated.
B: Luck is boosted by CHA and green egg dolls and all of those other things.
C: The Green Egg Doll Increases the cap of luck, which is why you got them rather than just other luck methods. This was explained when the green egg dolls were released, as they extend the luck cap.
D: Luck is a mystery variable on purpose. Boosting CHA and other items that add luck directly will give the chance to help, but its always still a chance. I’ve always been very clear about that. If you think you’re a sucker for getting items to increase your odds at things, thats on you. I have been very clear about luck not ever being able to make things 100% chance I’ve also always been clear that there is only so much that it can do to ensure its fair and balanced.

To Armydude:
1: The way that charisma is applied to luck follows a fairly complex formula, so its not a 1:1 type of number
2: No Base luck is assigned per character and will always be kept a mystery. It can be changed with the luck coins and such, but I have no plans to ever reveal those numbers

To Allison:
Some items increase the cap of the luck barrier, which make luck more effective. Also some luck rolls are more effected by larger quantities of luck/cha than others. So, for jewels you likely are at your cap with those items, but for other things you might not be.

To Everyone:
I’m done answering any further questions about luck, I’ve already revealed more than I should and the simple fact that I confirm luck exists and provide ways to increase it at all, means I’ve done more than NCSoft ever has. I’ve always been upfront about there being a luck cap. Each person is also effected by luck differently as everyone has their own base luck. If you are not happy with the luck system, then use Real Life luck instead, its a lot more variable.

ah ok thanks for the info. I was under the impression, and I’m guessing a majority of the other players were too, that the green eggs were just the highest luck item in the game. As I said, and was paraphrasing, from what I remember back when they were introduced that they increased your luck.

And based off the post you initially made could be misconstrued.

This makes it seem like they just add luck. Kinda like lich dolls, and I can remember people asking about a level 10 lich vs green egg and I believe it was said green eggs are the highest amount of luck.

It’s interesting to know they increase the cap. I wonder tho if say: a luck cap is 100 and green egg dolls extend the cap (6 eggs makes 106 for numbers) does that mean the eggs even add luck? Or just increase the cap of luck. Guess it’ll be left up to our testing

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I explained in game when the eggs were released that they both add a good amount of luck and extend the luck cap. Out of all of the current dolls, they do boost luck the most.

Who did you explain that these green egg dolls increase the “luck cap” To? The players that were online when you mentioned it in global? This is apparently the first time we ever heard about it. As Allison already shared, the official post never mentioned anything about this. Maybe putting pertinent info in posts would be a good practice.

I did not buy the egg dolls knowing they would increase my luck cap. I got them to greatly increase my luck which is how they were advertised. I didn’t even know a luck cap existed. And they never seemed to make any difference. It makes me question if they even effect upgrading gems.

To close, its clear things as fundamental as our stats have not been working, for years. This is frustrating to say the least, as we invest time and a substantial amount of money, depending and relying on you that things work as advertised. When this is discovered and we are basically told “my bad”, it’s pretty frustrating.

The only people that lose is your players, and your supporters. A little more QA would be nice. This is obviously a very competitive game where we spend hours tweaking our gear and improving our setups, one stat point at a time. All this time to find out, the system was broken and never worked properly.

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I was mistaken about the green egg doll, It does not increase the luck cap, the lucky belt is the one that I announced that increases the luck cap when casting the spell it gives. The green egg dolls add straight luck and a large quantity of it. There are other ways and items that increase the luck cap however I have not and do not intend on revealing those at this time.

Luck is a mystery variable it always has been. End of subject. I’m tired of spending time trying to debate it. This topic is about the balance of the server, luck does not effect balance to very many extents and has already been addressed. So please drop the subject and be grateful for the amount of information that was shared about it in the first place.

The “lucky” buff thingy that is in a players inventory when wearing the luck belt doesn’t do anything. Or if it does nothing is indicated. It’s always been that way. Is it increasing luck when double clicked even tho there is no indication of it?

Yes it does work properly, even with no indicator.

Cool, I’ll have to start using that buff then! I had assumed it didn’t do anything the last 3 years. I’m willing to bet no one did.

Just double click or select a target? I’ll prob do both since i’m not sure how to activate it.