The Major T5 Content Update!

This is the update we’ve all been waiting for. While some of it has been finished or partially released for a while now, It has not been posted in full detail until things were ready. Now things are indeed ready. T5 players have more of a reason to grind than ever! So lets start out with the best reason to get those T5 Levels up!

Elixir Passes and Omega Elixirs
The wall of T5 grind has been challenging for a lot of the players who have made it that far. What has been missing is that deep seeded reason to get up to the level 100+ ranges. Now that reason is fully implemented! Elixir Passes!

Elixir Passes are a new item used to buy either Elixir Tokens (6 tokens per 1 pass) or Omega Elixirs (1 elixir per 1 pass). The first of these passes you obtain at first when you go Tier 5, after that you will be able to claim them for leveling up to certain levels on both your Main and Sub classes. The levels you can claim them are as follows; 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 105, 110, 112, 114, 115

Omega Elixirs are what will make the T5 characters really shine. They are only usable by Tier 5 players and are non tradable. They only work on stat points that are at 40 or above. The highest they can increase a stat point is to 50. On top of all of this they also increase the HPMax of the character by 250 and MPMax by 100.

All in all you can get a total of 21 Elixir Passes with the current release. One for going T5, 10 for leveling your main class to 115 and 10 for leveling your subclass to 115. The NPC that both gives you the elixir passes and lets you cash them in for omegas/tokens is named Minnie and is located next to Lanore in SKT.

Next up, the quest for earning Tier 5 spells!

T5 Spell Quest
With the T5 Spells in the game now, there needs to be a way to get them! Nidrah has devised a way to help you learn the spells, so you’ll want to talk to him for some basic information. But the quest requires creating High Density Stones for Fire, Earth and Wind and creating charges from them. The details of this quest are all available by talking to Nidrah in Silveria.

T5 Spells
Finally the part that you guys have been waiting for. However first I want to clarify that these spells are in beta. They for sure need balancing to be made right. I’ve tested each of them partially but none of them throughly. I will be doing these tests and balancing them over time. So with that out of the way, here are the current details for the T5 Spells that are finished, obtainable and currently work to the best of my knowledge.

Glory’s Cry - Buffs the Entire Clan - 10 minutes - 5 HDES charges
Tier Damage Increase by 10%
Tier Damage Resistance Increased By 10%

Justice of Eva - Self Buff - 10 minutes - 5 HDES charges
Bow Damage is modified based on distance to the target
At close range damage is reduced by at most 50%
At maximum range damage is increased by at most 400%

Oath Breaker - Self Buff - 10 minutes - 5 HDES charges
Critical Rate and Critical Damage is increased with specific weapon types
When coming out of invisibility a 30 second buff called Broken Oath is applied that further increases this increase.

Format:		Weapon Type: +OB Rate/+OB Dmg - +BO Rate/+BO Dmg

Sword:		10%/20% - 30%/50%
Dagger:		20%/30% - 40%/60%
Gauntlet:	10%/20% - 30%/50%
Claw:		20%/20% - 40%/50%
Edo:		30%/50% - 50%/100%

Grace Aligned - Self Buff - 10 minutes - 5 HDES charges
Increases the powers and changes the animation of many old mage spells for the duration of the buff
Casting Costs of all spells is removed including MP/HP and any required mats

Format:		SpellName: DelayChange(seconds)	| Dmg Boost

Meteor Strike: -1s | x2
Vampiric Touch: -0.025s | No Change
SunBurst: -0.4s | x2
Eruption: -0.3s | x2
Destroy: -2s | x3
Cone of Cold: -0.325s | 2x
Lightning: -0.9s | x5
Lesser Heal: -0.005s | x2
Heal: No Change | x2
Greater Heal: -0.1s | x2
Full Heal: -0.4s | x2

Ultimate Defense - Self Buff - 30 seconds - 5 HDES charges
Reflects 20% of phyisical damage back to the attacker (1000 DMG CAP)
Reduces incoming phyisical damage by 90% (including Tier Damage)

Good Luck,
Have Fun!

Can any char learn any spell or are they locked to classes? Can any char learn more than one spell?

Is the x damage on spells applied before or after effects such as cloaks and frosty hat, etc. As in is it true x damage or is it x base damage

When you finish the T5 Spell quest, it gives you a book. When you open the book it gives you the specific spell for your current class. You can only use the spell on the appropriate class as well. So only a Knight can cast the Knight spell and so on.

There may be a feature added later that unlocks the use of your sub’s or main’s spell for use on the same char, different class or something, but for now it is class locked.

The damage multipliers are applied for the spells at the very end multiplying the very bottom damage amount. Meaning its the best possible place to put them, not multiplying the base amount.

I like how bows has the only negative one, unless I plan on only using it in combat zones, or surprising a flagged/pked person, it’s almost completely useless. And then on top of that everyone else has cdk so I will have to use super braves with ranged poly(already have to if I want to do close to the same dmg anyway). Without cdk/superbrave I can see how awesome the skill would be in normal stuff. like bg, but it seems like a cripple for most gameplay.

Also does that reflect damage with Ultimate Defense make you flag in pvp?

While you say that bow’s have a negative one, it also has the strongest possible boost as well.

In fact the damage boost is so strong that if you step back and keep shooting it should compensate for the dmg missed while not shooting to walk.

Also even at melee range, if you approach from a diagonal, its far enough away that It should be no penalty to dmg.

The reflect damage will not make you flag. As it shouldn’t, you are not actually attacking the person, they are attacking you.

I agree with Armydude, I think -50% might be too much. In custom cdk zones mops are buffed, to make up for the use of cdk so cdk has to be used Custom mops get on you so fast and without cdk you can’t even think about kiting. It becomes a skill thats way too specific to only very few situations.

Ohh boo whoo you have a negative. At the closet possible range. Anything more then a step away is boosted damage. And this would own in tunnels and deep tunnels when out. The only place this could be bad is sky. Or event areas… If someone tanks zaj you will be destroying him. Try being a mage where Mr is fucked and can’t debuff shit. Aoe is worthless and the new spells do maybe 3x for most of them if you count the spell speed. That’s still less then vt which heals… Only one that looks like it might be alright is destroy. Plus everyone knows physical damage is king here… Yeah sure knights will be like unkillable for you… But its 30 seconds just out heal them.

I think you have that “only place” thing wrong or backwards. Underground is the ONLY place that spell will be useful. Hunting anywhere else that cdk is allowed NOT in cdk morph is even more boring then the underground tunnels.

Plus not to mention, if you ever wanna group hunt the elf in a bow morph might as well not bother. Unless you find constantly waiting for a slow ass non-cdk to catch up to you.

Also, no one else is annoyed by the fact these spells last for a short period of time and take HDES charges each time you cast?

I’m glad I intend on staying t4 for life.

Hey Zaj, I think I did everything correct through the new npcs and I don’t think your able to turn the new hdes (earth for example) into the final step (I forgot it’s name… conductive stone maybe?) for the tier 5 skill. Cannot trade earth hdes with 1000 charges in to the new npc in bohemus. For conductive stone.

you mean charge of earth?

Ooooooo sorry…yes charge of earth

The bug with claiming items with earth charges is fixed with the next restart. If you need to claim a charge of earth, simply email me, and I will try to manually assist you in claiming the stone before then.

Hi Zaj, will we be able to claim the earth, fire, and wind charges with the start of the Valentines event tonight?

Yes, Currently you can claim all of them but the wind. However, it won’t let it reduce to 0 charges, so you’ll need to have at least 1 more charge than required.

Will the Omega Elixirs hp/mp bonus be permanent or go away when we reaper/tier up? And does being able to get 50 cha mean we can control more dolls? If so how many more dolls and at what levels?

10 dolls! that would be awesome!!!

i haven’t heard of any t6 yet and as far as all the info i’ve heard there isn’t going to be a t5 reaper.

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If you use potion of de-leveling, you will lose the bonus to max-hp/mp. There are no plans for Reaper or T6 or any otherwise forced de-leveling.

However, if there is implemented any of these, it will not cause a loss of this, as I am able to clearly detect if they have used any omegas by checking how many points are past 40. Thus being able to ensure the bonus carries over to the next tier or otherwise.

So, to answer your question, yes, it is permanent, unless you de-level using a potion of de-leveling. You can manually de-level and potentially keep the benefits though.