The most "pussiest" player I have never encountered!

Well…talk about the “pussiest” one…here you go Capwne! or Hilk or the fat one…well doesn’t matter…

The one won two grand prize, full vala [X] set & the BEST gear in the server…when Korean was not on, he is a big PVPer ! Once Korean is on…that’s all he does to other Sparta. GROW SOME BALLS!

Just to make it clear, capwne has won only one donation event.

Yeah, he let Hilk steal the rattle from the other, and from a pledge mate too.

Funny that TOG QQ like there is no tomorrow about elf spells not flagging elves and here is proof they take advantage of the 4 mage spells that do not flag mages. And elf spells wont kill its victim via mops. What a coward, cant even go chao like a man.

it s called a trade u stupid bitch, perhaps you should ask Zigster. It always makes me laugh when you retards accused capwne base on 0 evidence.

Funny how you think my accusation of Hilk taking the rattle was an accusation on Cap. But I guess you are all the same person anyways. As for a “trade”, doubt Zigster got anything even close in value to that rattle. Unless you retards think being in that pathetic pledge holds value and they have to pay dues to you guys too. Oh I get it now, he “traded” the rattle for rights to stay in pledge. What a bargain!
Oh and when there is evidence, you idiots still deny it. Surprised you haven’t denied UMF’s screen shots yet.

this s why i dont talk to retard like u. 1. you should ask zigster. 2. I didn’t say anything about umf’s post.

If I try to ask Zigster, how do I know its not Hilk, aka YOU? Everyone knows you have access to just about all TOG accounts. And I know you didnt say anything about the post, THATS why Im surprised. Man you are slow and stupid arnt you?

Lol I dont know who you’re trying to fool, funny how the character zigster was only online for a couple days after the winners were announced. We all know you donated on multiple accounts and your just “acting” like you bought it off him. Zigster AKA ZCapilKsZ was pming me while the rattle was being lvled by chinks. If he was serious about selling it to me,they’re shouldnt be any reason for the rattle to be on anyone else but him.

But Kor, he wanted to sell you a lvled rattle. Full service weapons vendor man. Oh wait, the only full service from anyone in that pledge us QQing and cock sucking, NVM!