The Wheel is Back! Anniversary Wheel Event 2015!

Everyone’s favorite mini game is back! The anniversary gift coin wheel! With some new changes to make it all the more easier to win big!! This wheel is more exciting than ever and now has changes to prevent trying to deliver prizes to full inventories. There is also a new feature that allows you how many gc you want to spin with each time you spin.

Spin Types
There are now 3 spin types, a 1GC spin, 5GC spin and 10GC spin. Spinning for higher gc amounts has some benefits over spinning for lower. With lower value spins you have a chance to get an item called 2nd Chance Box, which when opened in game has some rewards that are mostly shots, but has a small chance to get some protection scrolls. With the higher valued spins you get what are called spin chances. When the wheel is trying for some of the bigger prizes, it will roll for your chance this number of times, giving you the best roll. In simple terms, this means it increases your chances of getting the rarer prizes with each spin! The last change depending on which spin value is a multiplier. It will cause some more common items to give you more than the amount typically given for that prize. See the chart and examples below to better understand this.

Multiplier Examples:
A Spin wins “Tier-Ease T5”
1GC Spin: 1 Tier-Ease T5 awarded
5GC Spin: 3 Tier-Ease T5 awarded
10GC Spin: 5 Tier-Ease T5 awarded

A spin wins Fafurion Cloak X
1GC Spin: 1 Fafurion Cloak X awarded
5GC Spin: 1 Fafurion Cloak X awarded
10GC Spin: 1 Fafurion Cloak X awarded

As you can see by these examples, multipliers only apply to some items that are won. Many of the valuable items are not effected by them. However the chance of getting the rare items are increased with the higher valued spins.

Possible Prizes
There are many possible prizes ranging from EPIC gear to helpful mats! Below is a image containing the initial prize chart, however these prizes are subject to change as the wheel evolves and new prizes are added and some limited prizes are won.

2nd Chance Box
As stated above with the 1gc and 5gc spins there is a chance to get the 2nd chance box instead of the normal prizes from the wheel. These 2nd chance boxes appear in your inventory when you win them as do the normal prizes. When you double click them you will obtain some items listed in the image below.

Fixed Bugs
Grand Sky Mage no longer requires pvp mode/ctrl to attack it

The timer for sky island should be more accurate

The timer for sky island should now be enforced and prevent access when your timer has expired.

The rune buffs given by the monsters at sky island should now be properly upgraded while killing the monsters. Higher tier monsters giving higher levels of the buffs.

Spin my head right round, right round (take me to the wheel!!!)

Nevermind on the question about conditions. My second account has a level 83 Royal, but did not get the free spins. Do I need to enter a ticket?

What are the conditions for getting free spins? I see that on the wheel, but my second account for my royal shows 0 free spins.

I don’t think there are free spins given for free from wheel. Only to those that donated just before wheel was re released

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Currently the only free spins given out are for those who donated in July before the wheel was released.

As mentioned in the newsletter, tomorrow there will be freespins given out to everyone with a character above level 65.

Still can’t find a newsletter link. :frowning:

Here, it was re-tweeted on twitter and sent out as a notification as well, you can sign up for the newsletter by clicking subscribe on this page as well.

How come the items listed on the wheel are totally different to when I spin?

Every time you spin the wheel, the prizes change. There are simply too many different prizes to fit on the wheel at once.