Thebes weapon procs

Will the bow of neit, blades of time, or staff of ra be getting procs? I am almost ready to craft one. As it stands Zaj crossbow s80 is better than the bow of neit. Thanks

Zaj crossbow s80 is also better then the Sharanga, Bow of Halting (Blessed). Speaking from experience :stuck_out_tongue:

bows in general frustrate me tho :stuck_out_tongue:

Considering the difficulty in crafting, and 1 in 100, 000 drop rate I would think this bow would rock

As long as there is a cdk nerf to bows they will never “rock”. One of the worst nerfs in game.

Then why does everyone keep telling me that bows are OP and that archers are the OP Class atm…

Also I’ll be getting procs on the thebes items as soon as I can. Allison Sharanga isn’t weaker than the s80 bow so much as it is lacking the magical arrows that make the other bows stronger. The X grade arrows will make up the difference in damage, I just need to get the crafting for them finished and tweak the formulas to make these arrows be beastly as they should be. When this happens Sharanga and the Thebes X grade bow will be the best ranged weapons in the game.

I’ve been using bows since 2012 back when they actually WERE OP. Then they got nerfed a couple times to where they are at now.

…said no one ever? Everyone I ask in game that uses bows tends to agree with me.

Only time I see people using bows is so they can just hunt 1 monster at a time in Sky Castle land. And elves using 3x shot.

As for X-Grade arrows, wouldn’t that still apply for all the other bows, or will they be limited to only being used with the Thebes bow and the Sharanga? This also means having to craft/buy yet another item to use each time you click the left mouse button.

One of the biggest draw backs of a lot of bows is their procs and how useless they are for general hunting purposes.

None of this has dissuaded me from using bows however. It works well with Samtook and I as we can share a lot of our equipment that we’ve painstakingly crafted the last 2-3 years.

Actually a lot of players have been saying thats bows are OP. Many of which are switching to bows when they get to T5.

Anyways, the X grade arrows will require an X grade bow. So your sharanga will be pretty good once those arrows are properly implemented.


Do the X grade arrows add dmg to the dragon bows (Lind,Anth,Val)? I have been told by others that they cannot see any dmg difference when using them with their dragon bows which are fully leveled.


They currently don’t do any extra damage, either bugged or the arrow has the same dmg bonus as the magic arrows on the dragon bows.

I thought they were supposed to have an extra effect depending on the type of arrow but this doesn’t seem to be the case either.

The fact is sharanga have bunch of penalties than zaj cross bow (can not wear shiled, no mp hp steal, -15dr, have to use expensive shots…)
But dps diff only 1500…
yeah i test with burst arrow X
And i don’t use triple shot anymore since I found out
I can use both shots together
It’s much stronger with VT or Custum elf spell than that triple arrow
Witch means i just hunting like mage
I don’t think archers is OP here
Maybe T5 archers OP I don’t know and i hope hehe

Lol if you are using vt instead of triple then something is wrong with your build

Well i dont know im new here
But i got much more dex than int :slight_smile:

And 1 more fact what i let you guys know i test with

+5 lvl 30 sharanga (fire30)

+7 lvl 23 zaj cross bow (none)

im sure you guys know how easy make +7 zaj bow and how hard make +5 sharanga